Faculty Senate


September 29, 2005                                                                                                         325 Graff Main Hall

Vol. 40, No. 3                                                                                                                  3:30 p.m.



I.       Roll Call.

      Present:  Choy, Cravins, Galbraith, Gongaware, S. Grunwald, Heim, K. Hoar, Hunt, S. Kelly, Knox, Kraemer, B. Riley, D. Riley, Senger, Shanks, S. Smith, R. Sullivan, C. Wilson.

      Excused:  Clow, Johnston-Rodriguez, S. Krajewski, Straker.


II.     Minutes.

      The minutes of the September 15, 2005 meeting were approved as distributed.


III. Reports.

A.    Chair’s Report –The Joint Planning and Budget Committee will be holding hearings regarding upcoming budget reductions.  These sessions will be Wednesdays, Oct. 5, 12 and 17 at 1:15 p.m. in 325 Graff Main Hall.  At the Oct 12th session the issue of increasing student credit hour load for instructional academic staff will be discussed.


The search and screen committee for the Director of the School of Education is approved and the search will be underway shortly.


Affirmative Action is currently reviewing the search and screen committee list for the Dean of Student Development and Academic Services.


The Provost Digest highlighted a session on e-portfolios which will be held Thursday, October 6 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. in Wing 104.


Motion on a resolution from the SEC regarding the Writing Emphasis Coordinator position -   M/S/P Whereas every UW-L program has either writing emphasis or writing in the major program requirements for graduation, the loss of the writing coordinator is unacceptable.  Without a coordinator, appropriate training of writing emphasis instructors and development of writing in the major programs cannot occur.  Therefore, faculty senate strongly recommends university level funding for a writing emphasis and writing in the major program coordinator.


B.  Chancellor’s Report – Chancellor Hastad updated the senate on the Board of Regents resolution regarding eliminating backup positions for administrative appointments.  The BOR is currently resolving this resolution and a moratorium is currently in place during this time.  However UWL has sought, and been granted approval, from UW System President Riley to grant a backup appointment for the position of the Director of the School of Education.


Hastad updated senate on enrollment targets for next fall.  Targets for non resident student enrollment for Fall 2006 have been set at 75.  Fall 2005’s target for non residents was also 75; however, an enrollment of 52 was achieved.


C. Provost’s Report – Provost Hitch updated senate on discussions of increasing the workload of academic staff as part of possible budget saving ideas.  Currently college deans are being consulted on this issue and will report back to Provost Hitch by October 5th.  This analysis should then be available for the October 12th Joint Planning and Budget hearing regarding this issue. 


D. Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Report – No report.


IV.  Senate Executive Committee nomination of Faculty Members for the Search and Screen Committee for the position of Dean of College of Science and Allied Health.        


M/S/P to approve the search and screen list as distributed.


Peggy Denton

Anne Galbraith

Robert Hoar

Aaron Monte

Brian Udermann


V.  Briefings.


A.     Ruthann Benson, Internationalization Task Force – Benson updated senate on the work of this task force.  She publicly thanked the task force members and then outlined the process the committee took to complete the charge they received from the Provost.  A report of their work can be found in the Recommended Strategic Directions for the Internationalization of The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse report.  This report contains a list of recommended priority action steps for 2005-2006. 


VI.  General Education.


Brian Udermann and Cris Prucha, General Education Committee members, presented senate with a list of General Education Program student learning outcomes. 


M/S/P to approve the general education student learning outcomes as distributed.  (voice vote)


M/S to change the name of the program from General Education Program to University Core Curriculum.


General comments on the motion focused on the name change not being a cure for student perceptions that the program is too much like high school; however, that the name change could be one step to help in changing this perception.  Also comments were that many universities have changed from general education to university core.  General comments also focused on the time frame for this name change with many senators wanting to see program changes first before deciding on a name change. 


M/S/F to table the motion.  (7 yes, 10 no) 


M/S/P to amend the original motion to indicate that the name change would go into affect in Fall 2007.  (11 yes, 5 no) 


The motion, as amended, to change the name of the General Education Program to University Core Curriculum, effective Fall 2007, was approved.  (12 yes, 3 no)


VII.            Discussion of potential revisions of Articles & Bylaws to incorporate University

Reorganization. – Due to college reorganization it is essential to think about faculty

representation on the various faculty senate committees.  Wilson received suggestions

for how Articles and Bylaws could proceed with reassigning committee

representation.  General comments were to have proportional representation of

programs on the committees. 


VIII.         New Business – Joint Promotion Committee faculty membership


M/S/P to replace Carol Oyster with Alan Bigel.


X.        Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,

Sandy Grunwald, Secretary