Note: Starting in Fall of 2006, all departments (or units or programs) will submit the following materials in pdf format:  the self report, the unit data sheets, the reviewer’s recommendations and the Dean’s letter.  When the report is submitted to APR both the reviewer’s recommendations and the Dean’s letter also need to be submitted in hard copy with original signatures.  (Adopted by Faculty Senate 1/26/06).


Comment:  When a department via the Dean’s office submits a report to the APR chair, it involves the following components:

1.      This self-study with appendices including the Unit Data Sheets.

2.      The external consultant’s OR accreditation recommendations.

3.      The department’s response to the recommendations.

4.      The Dean’s letter regarding the self-study and the recommendations.


I.       Purposes


A.    Provide department's Mission Statement (if extant) and a statement of the department's overall goals and objectives.


B.    Briefly describe the academic programs housed in the department and any interdisciplinary programs to which the department is a major contributor. If one or more of the department's academic programs have goals and objectives not listed above, include them here.


II.   Curriculum


A.    Describe whether the department's academic program(s) is/are typical of your discipline(s), and if they are distinctive in some ways.


B.    Briefly summarize how the curriculum and instruction of your department reflects the contemporary emphases and trends of your discipline(s).


C.    State the minimum total (including general education, major, and minor) number of credits required to earn the baccalaureate degree(s) in your academic program(s), providing justification if the minimum total exceeds 120 credits. Explain any significant difference between the minimum total number of credits stated and the credits at time of graduation reported in Table 1 of the Unit Data Sheet.


III.             Assessment of Student Learning & Degree of Program Success


1.       State the student learning outcomes for the department. If applicable, state separate learning outcomes for any additional academic programs or graduate programs housed in the department. (Student learning outcomes are best stated in the form of the subject matter, cognitive development, and skills the students will demonstrate upon completion of the program (e.g., “Upon completion of the program, students will be able to …”).  

a.       Department’s may choose to provide a table or matrix to demonstrate how individual courses relate to these student learning outcomes.


2.      Provide assessment data collected during the review period used to determine the level of success in the program for students’ achieving the desired outcomes.  If it is helpful, include data from previous years for comparison purposes.  Please refer to departmental biennial assessment reports and attach as appendices.


3.      Discuss important changes made to the program during this review period that were a result of assessment data (linking changes to the data) collected during the current or previous review periods.  (These changes might include revisions to the curriculum, student learning performance objectives, course scheduling, departmental or advising procedures, instructional methods, curriculum delivery methods, assessment data collection procedures, etc.)  Also discuss potential revisions to the curriculum that you foresee over the next review period based on results of assessment of performance objectives.


4.      State the learning outcomes for all University Core courses taught through the department and the assessment of these outcomes and any important changes made to the courses due to assessment data.


5.      Discuss the process of advising students in the department and any changes since the last APR review.


6.      Discuss any other noteworthy indices of program success.


7.      Identify and describe the single most significant strength in the department's academic program(s).   


8.       Identify and describe the single area most in need of improvement in the department's academic program(s).  Discuss your plans for accomplishing this improvement.


A.    Discuss other Describe the extent to which the department is meeting the goals and objectives of its academic program(s). Explain what measurements you are using to determine how well these goals and objectives are being met. Report on any attempts to improve the academic program(s) through curricular/ programmatic changes or other means, indicating how you determined if the desired improvement was realized. For the results reported in this section explain how your findings are based on information gathered:

1.      from program assessment based on the measurement of student learning outcomes,

2.      in the process of advising students;

3.       from any alumni surveys or employer surveys that may have been completed; and

4.      from any other relevant sources or studies you wish to include.


IV.  Previous Academic Program Review and New Program Initiatives


A.    Describe the actions that were taken in response to the recommendations of the most recent previous Academic Program Review, and the results of those actions.


B.    Note any continuing or new concerns related to your department's ability to achieve its goals.


C.    Identify any program initiatives included in the current university strategic plan budget document. Report on the status of these initiatives.


D.    Describe any plans for new program initiatives.


E.    Comment on any trends in the Unit Data Sheets noteworthy to changes in the program.


V.    Personnel


The Office of Institutional Research organizes and provides the data on faculty, instructional academic staff and workload. Additionally, please describe:


A. professional development opportunities and expectations for faculty members in your department;


B. the relative emphases that your department places on teaching, scholarly achievements and service when making recommendations regarding retention and promotion;


C. the departmental staffing plan, including your estimate of the number of faculty to be hired in the next five years. Describe the procedure the department will use to link ongoing curriculum/program development to the recruitment and hiring of new faculty.


VI.  Support for Achieving Academic Program Goals

Describe the impact each of the following has on your ability to achieve program goals.


A.    physical facilities;


B.    supplies and equipment;

C.    personnel; and


D.    external funding.


VII.         Appendices


Include copies of:

A.    the Unit Data Sheet(s) (provided by the UWL Institutional Research Office);


B.    the budget data sheet (Dean’s Office provides upon request by the department)


C.    the most recent previous Academic Program Review Committee report on the department (provided by the current Academic Program Review Committee);


D.    the Department's Annual Reports from each of the previous three years;


E.    assessment biennial reports, plus instruments, surveys, plans, etc. (particularly those cited in section III of this self study report); and


F.     any other important departmental documents cited in earlier sections of this self study report.