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College of Liberal Studies



March 28, 2006

Program Director Response to the APR Report



In light of these concerns and the self-study report, the APR Committee makes the following recommendations:


·      Hire a permanent Director of Teacher Education.


The SOE Director Search and Screen Committee members forwarded a “Recommend to Hire” list to Dean Mason on March 23, 2006.


·      Pursue new faculty positions, especially in Science Education, Reading/Literacy Education, Educational Foundations, Early Childhood Education, and Masters of Education-Professional Development Director.


As of 3/28/06 the science position has been filled, the ECE position has a recommendation to hire given to the dean, and the foundations and literacy searches are bringing people to campus.


·      Focus on completing the process of reorganization and Middle Level/Secondary Program reform that is outlined in the “Working Draft - 10/28/04” document within the EC-MC/MC-EA and EA-A/EC-A self-study.


This process is continuing.


·      Work with the Faculty Senate Office to locate previous Academic Program Review documentation.  The data included in these documents may be useful in future planning initiatives.


·      Continue to seek UW-L research and faculty development funding, UW System grants, and external funding.


·      Implement a plan for unit-wide evaluation of all field experiences.




·      Implement the self-assessment rubric for oral language and writing.




·      Implement a formalized system for peer review of teaching.


·      Begin collecting data from alumni surveys and employer surveys.


In process.