To:                   Academic Program Review Committee

                        Professor Haixia Lan, Chair


From:               Dick Sullivan, Chair, English Department


RE:                   APRC Review Report, Department of English




Dear Professor Lan,


I have carefully read and reviewed with our Department the APRC Report on the English Department, created by the English Review Subcommittee. The report is a reasonable and accurate summary of the Department's activities for the review period (1997-2003). The

subcommittee has also updated information since 2003, which accurately reflects developments in the English Department in response to the External Review recommendations and the English Department's own ongoing activities.


The English Department finds the conclusions and recommendations of the APRC with respect to this review to be satisfactory. We thank the Academic Program Review Committee members and the English Subcommittee members especially for their work on our report and review.




Dick Sullivan

Chair, English Department