September 20, 2005


Dear Members of Faculty Senate,


The General Education Committee is bringing before you two proposals.  Both are consistent with the General Education Committee’s Commitments as found in the 2005 Report to Faculty Senate, available on the Faculty Senate web site under the minutes from the April 14, 2005 meeting or on the General Education web site, Specifically these proposals reflect commitments 4 and 5.


4.       Ask Faculty Senate to approve a revised set of learning outcomes as a living document that will be routinely evaluated and revised as needed, and used to guide assessment activities.

5.       Change the name of the program from General Education to University Core Curriculum.


For your convenience we provide a brief cover letter to accompany the Student Learning Outcomes document and a rationale for the change in name. In addition, as a courtesy, we are providing you with the report from the 2005 Summer General Education Design Team.  The creation of a Design Team was also one of the commitments made by the 2004-2005 GEC:


8.       Create a diverse General Education design team that will work during the summer 2005 to identify effective strategies and areas for program improvement and have ready in early fall specific recommendations for program improvement.


GEC has accepted this report as a working document and will be using it to guide our work related to program improvement.




The General Education Committee

Emily Johnson, Director

John Fields, Marketing

Sandy Grunwald, Chemistry

Eric Kraemer, Philosophy

Stephen McDougal, Political Science

Cris Prucha, Murphy Library

Robert Ragan, Physics

Bruce Riley, Mathematics

Soojin Ritterling, Music

Brian Udermann, Exercise and Sports Science