Faculty Senate


March 22, 2007                                                                                                                                                                             325 Graff Main Hall

Vol. 41, No. 10                                                                                                                                                                             3:30 p.m.


I.       Roll Call.

      Present:  Abler, Ahmed, Brokaw, Choy, Clow, Cravins, L. Dickmeyer, S. Grunwald, K. Hoar, M. Jackson, S. Kelly, Knox, S. Krajewski, C. Miller, P. Miller, Olson, Senger, Shanks, S. Smith

Excused:  Crutchfield, Galbraith, C. Wilson

Absent:  Hunt, Straker


II.  Approval of Minutes.   

The minutes from March 8, 2007 were approved as distributed.


III.  Reports.


A.  Vice-Chair’s Report – Senger updated senate on recent SEC discussions including:

·        recommending a change in the Joint Promotion Committee bylaws to read three colleges instead of four colleges

·        the need for the CAPS recommendation on English proficiency entrance to be formally approved by senate

·        the need for CAPS to make a policy recommendation on calculation of undergraduate GPA for UG/Grad programs for the issue of university honors


Announcements – Names of volunteers willing to serve on the Tallories Task Force should be submitted to Wilson.  Voting is now open for faculty senate elections.  Please go to http://www.uwlax.edu/FacultySenate/  to access the site.  Please attend tomorrow’s Undergraduate Research and Creativity Day.


Update from planning and budget – Senger distributed a Growth and Access Position and Student Enrollment Plan that has been favorably received by the Joint Planning and Budget committee.  The plan outlines a timeline for both faculty and staff hires as well as increases in student enrollment through 2013. 


B. Chancellor’s Report – Chancellor Gow updated senate on several matters.  Approval of the new academic building is proceeding through the legislature and final approval is expected.  The $600,000 for the track of the stadium complex renovation was not approved by the legislature; however, UW System has agreed to use all-agency money to fund that portion of the project.  Gow has been spending a great deal of time meeting with individual legislators and discussing the Growth and Access plan.  He will be attending a hearing of the Joint Finance Committee in early April at Prairie Du Chien where he will be testifying about the Growth and Access Plan. 


Furthermore, Gow commented that he is pleased to see that a task force is being formed to discuss the Tallories Declaration, he asked for clarification on the Comprehensive Admissions Work Group, and addressed the initial increase in student numbers proposed in the distributed Growth and Access spreadsheet plan. 


C.  Faculty Representative’s Report – Georges Cravins, faculty representative, discussed the collective bargaining statement from the governor’s office, faculty governance input into critical board decisions that especially have to do with personnel, domestic partner benefits, status of the pay plan, and the LAB audit.  These are all issues being discussed by the faculty representatives. 


IV. Academic Program Review – Physical Education/Teacher Education – Mike Hoffman, chair of APR, reviewed the APR recommendations/concerns for the Physical Education/Teacher Education program.  James Batesky and Pat DiRocco, Exercise and Sport Science, were present to represent the program.  This program is housed in the College of Science and Health and is very well recognized and respected locally, regionally and in the state.  Its biggest strength is the size of the program and thus the ability to hire numerous and specialized faculty.  The program has undergone numerous changes in response to post graduation assessment.  One of the main recommendations from the APR committee is to work with the dean to assure systematic assessment of student learning outcomes, which was acknowledged by the program representatives as deficient in the program. 


The program representatives discussed their recent trouble in filling staff vacancies and thus not being able to offer multiple sections of certain courses.  This has contributed to increasing time to graduation for some students.  Furthermore, they discussed the programs relationship with the School of Education and their continued work to forge positive relations between the programs. 


M/S/P to accept the academic program review of the Physical Education/Teacher Education program. 


V.  Academic Program Review – Mathematics – Chris Frye, member of the APR committee, reviewed the APR recommendations/concerns for the Mathematics program.  Bruce Riley, chair of the Mathematics department, was present to represent the program.  Strengths of the program were discussed which included the mission statement, the diversity of the program, the Statistical Consulting Center, the new dual degree program, and the increase in scholarly activity in recent years.  The APR committee recommended that the Mathematics department be reviewed again in seven years since there seem to be no major concerns. 


The program representative stated that staffing has been the program’s biggest issue, which has resulted in a back log of students needing mathematics general education courses.  They are actively working on improving student performance in general education courses, specifically looking at more stringently enforcing placement data.  Faculty senate comments included that the communication between the Educational Studies and Mathematics programs should be a model for other programs. 


Riley acknowledged that the department just recently was given the recommendations and has not had time to respond to them.  There was then discussion on the best way to proceed. 


M/S/P to table the motion to accept the academic program review of the Mathematics program.


VI.  Approval of Institute for Innovation in Undergraduate Research & Learning (IIURL)

Bob Hoar, mathematics department, made a presentation to senate on the Institute for Innovation in Undergraduate Research & Learning (IIURL).  He discussed the history of the project that has led to the creation of this institute, which has involved many faculty from throughout the UW System.  The working mission of the IIURL is to develop, foster and support innovations that use digital technology to enhance undergraduate teaching, learning and research in the UW System, and to make very simple the storage, retrieval and sharing of digital content for teaching.  Initially funding of the Institute will be provided by UW System, with UWL’s commitment being space to house the institute, which has been provided in 274 Murphy Library.  External funds will be needed to maintain the institute in the future. 


There were positive comments from senators regarding creation of the IIURL and a suggestion that this be presented to the PK12 regent’s advisory committee. 


M/S/P to endorse the Institute for Innovation in Undergraduate Research and Learning. 


VII.  Endorsement of Inclusive Language Document – The UW-L Guidelines for Inclusive Language and Representations in Written and Spoken Communication document was discussed.   It was acknowledged that the term “guidelines” has been replaced with “suggestions” in the official document and that it is a living document that may be adjusted as needed.  The document is meant, for example, to give external speakers guidelines when preparing presentations at UWL.  No consequences are inferred.  This document has been presented and favorably received by other campus groups.  A comment from senate hoped that this will not be used to penalize or restrict freedoms of communication. 


M/S/P that Faculty Senate endorses, in principle, the UW-L Suggestions for Inclusive Language and Representations in Written and Spoken Communication document.


VIII.   Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 5:03 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Sandy Grunwald, Secretary