41st Faculty Senate

Meeting of April 26, 2007

Immediately following the Organizational Meeting of the 42nd Faculty Senate

325 Graff Main Hall





I.                     Roll Call.


II.                  Approval of Minutes:  April 12th and 19th 2007


III.                Reports.

A.     Chair’s Report

B.     Chancellor Report

C.     Faculty Representative Report

D.     Student Association Report


IV.               Approval of the List of Spring and Summer 2007 Graduates.


V.                  Academic Program Review Reports

A.     Music*

B.     Chemistry*


VI.               APR:  Recommendations about integration of assessment in APR process*


VII.             Committee on Faculty Committee Recommendations*


VIII.      Proposed Change in Bylaw for International Education Committee - 2nd Reading.*


VIII.          Old Business


IX.                New Business.


X.                  Adjournment.




* please see posted report