Faculty Senate


September 28, 2006                                                                                                                                                            325 Graff Main Hall

Vol. 41, No. 3                                                                                                                                                                      3:30 p.m.


I.       Roll Call.

      Present:  Abler, Ahmed, Brokaw, Choy, Clow, Cravins, Crutchfield, L. Dickmeyer, Galbraith, S. Grunwald, K. Hoar, Hunt, M. Jackson, S. Kelly, Knox, C. Miller, P. Miller,  Senger, Straker, C. Wilson

      Excused: S. Krajewski, Shanks

      Absent: Olson, S. Smith



A.  Chair’s Report – Wilson welcomed Paul Miller to Senate as a replacement for Senator Betton who resigned from Senate. Wilson updated Senate on the chancellor’s search.  The committee received applications from 62 potential candidates and, as per the committee’s procedures, the committee interviewed between 12 to 15 candidates.  They are now conducting both on and off-list reference checks for a subset of that group.  The committee will be meeting with President Reilly October 18 to present no-fewer-than 5 finalists.  The on-campus interview schedule to be set by the end of this week and will be posted on the web-site.Wilson pointed out the following two highlights from Campus Connection:

  • Victor Basili, University of Maryland, is the annual Distinguished Lecturer in Computer Science.  He will be on campus Monday, October 2 and giving presentations at 10:30 and 3:00 p.m. on that day.
  • Interim Chancellor Hitch is beginning her open office hours this week.  This week’s hour is 10 to 11 on Friday.  You can make an appointment or just stop in and take your chances.

B.  Faculty Representative’s Report – Senator Cravins stated that the major focus of the faculty representative meetings has been the UWS 7 resolution.  He anticipated that issue will be resolved soon and is looking forward to discussing other issues this year. 


III.       Briefings.

A.  Campus Climate Office Update – Beth Hartung, Campus Climate Coordinator, discussed with Senate the various programs that are sponsored via the Research and Resource Center for Campus Climate.  Those include community building, educational programming/training, hate response, assessment of campus climate, safe space and home for dialogue, work/life advocacy, community outreach and other resources and information.  The office is also working on writing a Title III grant focused on diversity initiatives.  Beth also highlighted the L.U.N.C.H.E.S program with provide opportunities for students, staff and faculty to build community.  Various topics will be discussed during these sessions with the next being “What does the constitutional marriage amendment proposal mean to Wisconsin?” scheduled for Nov 17th at 11:30 to 1:00 in 227 Main Hall. 


IV.     UWS 7 Resolution – Several other UW System Faculty Senates are adopting/supporting the UW-Whitewater resolution (posted on Senate website) and not supporting the UW-Madison resolution regarding UWS 7. 


M/S/P to support the UW-Whitewater UWS resolution accompanied by the distributed letter.   


V.                 Revision of APR Summary – Haixia Lan and Betsy Morgan presented a revised format for the Academic Program Review Summary.  The three major format changes are as follows:  a list method is used for the format; the external reviewer recommendations, department’s response to the reviewer recommendations and the dean’s letter have been moved to a place of more prominence; and a “mid-cycle follow-up” has been added as a committee recommendation choice.  If passed the format changes would take affect immediately.  It was noted that these changes do not affect departmental reports just how the APR Committee reports their findings to faculty senate. 


M/S/P to adopt the presented APR Summary format.


VI.  UCC:  Recommendations about online, hybrid, and distance education courses – Paul Miller, past UCC chair, discussed the following UCC recommendations that come from a charge to the committee during the last academic year.  The UCC has approved the following recommendations:


1.    Departments must indicate online, hybrid or distance education courses so that Records and Registration can appropriately designate these courses in the timetable.


2.    The following definitions shall apply:

Online courses are those in which all, or nearly all, instruction is delivered over the internet.

Hybrid courses require online learning as well as traditional in-class instruction.

Distance education courses utilize real time two-way communication between instructor and student.


3.    Current courses converting to one of the above formats would require review by UCC only if the conversion is accompanied by a change that currently warrants UCC approval (i.e. a change in course objectives, addition or deletion of prerequisites, credit change, changes in instructional methods and evaluation procedures, etc.).


4.    New course proposals utilizing one of the above formats should address the following topics:


How is the credit count determined?  How is the instructor contact hour load determined?  What is the role of the instructor?  How are student/instructor interactions facilitated?  How are the students assessed?


M/S/P to consider all recommendations at once. 


M/S/P to approve the stated recommendations brought forth by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. 


VII.  Suspension of General Education Committee bylaws about chair – SEC charged the General Education Committee to evaluate the bylaw in which the Gen Ed Director is automatically appointed as the committee chair.  There are several other university committees (TEGC, Grad Council) in which the program director is named convener and the chair is then elected.  The Gen Ed Committee voted unanimously to recommend to Faculty Senate that the by-laws be changed, providing for the election of the Chair of the General Education Committee, with the General Education Director eligible for election. 


M/S/P to suspend the bylaw that states the Gen Ed Director is the chair of the committee. 


VIII.  Joint Promotion Committee member replacement

M/S/P to replace Donna Anderson with Gwen Achenreiner as a member of the Joint Promotion Committee. 


IX.  Adjournment.

      The meeting adjourned at 4:11 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Sandy Grunwald, Secretary