Faculty Senate

Meeting of April 17, 2008

3:30 p.m. – 325 Graff Main Hall




I.                     Roll Call.


II.                  Approval of Minutes:  April 3, 2008


III.                Reports.

A.     Chair’s Report

B.     Chancellor

C.     Faculty Representative’s Report

D.     Student Association Representative’s Report


IV.              Graduate Council

A.     Report on issues faced by graduate students as identified in a 2006-2007 survey of graduate students and strategies to address identified issues *

B.     Graduate Council Resolution *

C.     Recommendations to change the policy on incomplete grades *


V.                 IT Strategic Plan *


VI.               Faculty Development – Report on the promotion and advertisement of faculty development monies

VII.             Library Committee:  Resolutions on Acquisitions Budget Crisis at Murphy Library*


VIII.          General Education Committee – charge for General Education/University Core Ad Hoc Assessment Committee *


IX.                Dean Search & Screen Committees:  SEC Nominees *

A.     SAH

B.     CLS


X.                  Articles and Bylaws – change to eligibility requirements for department chairs, first read *


XI.                Old Business.


XII.             New Business.


XIII.           Adjournment.


* please see posted report