Example of 50% FTE Position Documentation:


  • The faculty member's tenure vote is scheduled for this fall.  That schedule will not change


  • In the interest of the faculty member and the department, it is important to delineate as specifically as possible a workload that is consistent with 50% time.  This outline below will serve as a starting point.  These items were agreed to by both the Department Chair and the faculty member.   


    • 50% teaching
      • Fall 2007 – The faculty member will teach two three-credit courses.  An ad-hoc instructor and the Chair will cover the remaining six credits normally taught by this faculty member.
      • Spring 2008 –  Once again, the faculty member will teach two three-credit courses and the other two three-credit courses will be covered by other instructors. 


    • 50% service – The faculty member will
      • Attend all departmental faculty meetings which will be scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays, when the faculty member is in the office.
      • Continue to serve on one University-level committee  
      • Continue to share the advising of the student organization
      • Continue to serve as the contact with an external agency that employs one of our UWL Grad Assistants via a contract.  This program is fairly well defined.  Currently the major responsibility is to find them a GA for next year.
      • Advise 33% of the program undergrad advisees (two other faculty members will cover the remaining 66%).  The department agreed to use a mass advising approach for the UG students. 


The Chair will assume directorship of the UG program. 


    • The faculty member will hold 4-5 office hours per week (departmental expectation is for 10 hours per week for full-time faculty members)
    • Scholarship – is the most difficult to determine.  The Chair will develop a draft of departmental expectations in terms of scholarship at a 50% level.  The faculty member will then review the draft and determine if there is agreement.  Then the scholarship expectation will be forwarded to the College office to make sure we are all in agreement.  Once we are, this will be added to the description of the faculty member's workload and become part of the faculty member’s retention/promotion materials, and will be filed with the faculty member’s personnel file in Human Resources.


The Dean will check in with the faculty member in October to see how this plan is working in terms of confining the workload to 50%.  In addition, the Dean will check with the Chair to see if the department feels like the plan is working.


Finally, the faculty member indicated she may want to pursue a permanent 50% FTE appointment.  Discussion of the permanent option will continue during the early part of the fall semester.