December 13, 2007



To:       Mark Bradley, President, Board of Regents

            Kevin Reilly, President, University of Wisconsin System


From:   Carmen R. Wilson, Chair, Faculty Senate

            University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


re:        UW Faculty Pay Plan


The Board of Regents originally requested a 5.23% increase in UW faculty salaries each year for four years to close the gap between UW-L faculty and staff salaries and salaries of our peers.  The pay plan recently approved by JCOER includes a 5% increase in UW faculty salaries over the course of 2 years (2% in July 2007, 2% in July 2008, and 1% in April 2009). 


These pay increases will not keep up with inflation and have the potential to limit our ability to compete for and retain talented employees.  As president Reilly noted:


“With faculty salaries across the UW System already lagging 8.5% behind our peer colleges and universities, and academic staff salaries now 20% behind, the Board of Regents called for pay increases of 5.23% in each of the next four years to close that compensation gap. Recognizing the state’s current fiscal challenges and our desire to minimize tuition increases, the Regents allowed for a much more modest 4% pay plan as part of the UW System’s 2007-08 operating budget, approved in August. With 4% increases in each of the next four years, the UW System could begin to narrow that compensation gap and send an important message to the high-quality faculty and academic staff we need to retain and attract.”


Therefore, be it resolved that the Faculty Senate at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse supports UW System President Reilly’s request for a more competitive compensation package.