Memorandum of Understanding


The University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


Western Technical College


The Western Associate of Science Liberal Arts Degree


Acknowledging that the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse (UW-L) and Western Technical College have entered into several program-to-program agreements; and


Acknowledging that the Committee on Baccalaureate Education (COBE) has identified a shortfall of four-year prepared graduates; and


Acknowledging that both UW-L and Western aspire to broaden their partnerships by providing students with a seamless transition between the two institutions in the area of general studies;


UW-L and Western intend to initiate additional collaboration as described below.


Overall objective:


The Associate of Science Liberal Arts transfer degree is designed to prepare students to enter baccalaureate programs with junior status at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. The curriculum of the degree will provide the General Education requirements of the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.  Elective options will provide students with the opportunity to have a career path focus.


Western has consulted with Madison Area Technical College and Nicolet Technical College in the development of the curriculum and plans to use 200-level curriculum that is already established within the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) in the implementation of this degree. Western and UW-La Crosse will strive to minimize duplication of course offerings. The specific breakdown of courses offered by the two institutions will be determined by faculty from both institutions and the steering team through mutual agreement. (See attached Proposed Curriculum). The Associate of Science Liberal Arts degree will be awarded by Western Technical College.        


The Nature of the Collaboration:


A Joint Steering Committee has been established to:

      Determine initial enrollment

      Determine admissions requirements

      Outline admissions and registration processes

      Develop initial curriculum in compliance with WTCS GS requirements and UWL GE  

                requirements, based upon capacity of each institution        

      Review progress of the degree and make adjustments

      Evaluate the degree in 2010


Western and UW-L faculty will develop a collaborative degree where students will fulfill degree requirements through courses offered at each institution.


UW-L and Western will jointly identify baccalaureate pathways for student transfer using labor market data, job projection data, and course capacity information from both institutions. Western (in consultation with UWL) will provide initial advising to students.  UW-L will provide advising assistance for students taking courses at UW-L.


A maximum of thirty students will be accepted in the first year of the program.  


Western reserves the right to determine enrollment limits in Western courses for students intending to transfer to other four-year institutions.


UW-L will provide the ability and capacity to accept Western students admitted to the Associate of Science program in courses within the approved curriculum.  UW-L courses with a history of full capacity will not be included in the approved curriculum.


Students who complete this collaborative degree must meet admission requirements established by UW-L in order to be admitted as transfer students.


The collaborative Associate of Science Liberal Arts degree will undergo an evaluation in 2010 by the joint steering committee.


Program Description:


Western Technical College and the University of Wisconsin—La Crosse will collaborate in the delivery of the courses in the degree.  The degree will consist of a minimum of 64 credits, with 42 – 50 credits to be taken at Western and 16 - 20 credits to be taken at UW-L.  Western will provide courses in English, Social Science, Math, Natural Science, and Health and Wellness.  UW-L will provide courses in Humanities and Arts, Diversity/Ethnic Studies, and Foreign Language.  Only UW-L courses with a history of available capacity will be included in the program curriculum.  Students must successfully complete eighteen credits at Western before taking courses at UW-L, and must be in (and remain in) good standing to stay in the program.


Courses may transfer to many four-year institutions; however, Western maintains an agreement with UWL that provides the opportunity for students completing the degree to transfer to UWL. Students completing the Western Associate Degree would be eligible for transfer to UW-L by meeting transfer admission requirements in effect at the time of application to UW-L.


Students will be required to meet with a counselor at Western to develop a program plan that fulfills the credit requirements of the Associate Degree and aligns with a selected program at a four-year institution.








Program Admission Requirements: (based upon UW Colleges admission



     Graduation from an accredited high school, completion of a GED program, or other evidence of ability to begin university work.


     Successful completion of 17 college preparatory credits including

          4 credits of English

          3 credits of Social Science

          3 credits of Natural Science

          3 credits of Mathematics including at least 1 credit of algebra and the equivalent of

               1 credit of geometry

4        credits from the above areas, foreign language, fine arts, computer science, or other academic area

Completion of the American College Test (ACT) Test score must be received by Western before students will be permitted to register for classes.




Western will align its curriculum with four-year transfer courses at Madison Area Technical College and Nicolet Technical College. These two colleges are serving in an advisory capacity as the curriculum is established.


Western has received agreement from Madison Area Technical College to adopt General Education transfer courses that currently articulate with UW-L.


Western will review all courses to ensure compliance with the Wisconsin Technical System (WTCS) General Education requirements for an Associate of Science degree.


UW-L will review all courses to ensure that they meet General Education requirements of UW-L.


Students will have the opportunity to enroll in a college success course that may be team taught by Western and UWL.  Western will provide the resources to offer this course.


Mutually agreeable courses may be added to the curriculum that Western provides in order to offer students adequate choices.


Support Services:


Each institution will identify staff responsible for advising students appropriately. These staff members will meet as needed to ensure consistent advising of students.


Each institution will identify and collaborate on the creation of admissions/registration processes to facilitate student enrollment in the degree.


In instances where financial aid is required, the institutions will distribute financial aid utilizing a consortium model.






  1. This agreement shall be reviewed in two years by the Joint Steering Committee to determine if it is meeting the needs of the students and/or the institutions.
  2. This agreement may be modified or revised at any time by mutual consent of the institutions.
  3. The degree is approved by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board.
  4. The degree is approved by the University of Wisconsin Regents.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the authorized representatives of the parties have executed this Agreement effective as of the date herein written, by the authorized representatives of the parties.


University of Wisconsin La Crosse             Western Technical College


By:                                                     By:

_________________________                  ____________________________

Joe Gow, Chancellor                               Lee Rasch, President


Date: ____________________                 Date: _______________________