2007-2008 Committee on Faculty Committees Report


May 1, 2008


Dear Colleagues,


The 2007-2008 Committee on Faculty Committees (CoFC) met in April and now presents the attached 2008-2009 committee assignments for Faculty Senate approval. 


The CoFC would like to thank all of those individuals who volunteered to serve on committees next year.  In making assignments, the CoFC attempted to balance committee membership (whenever possible) by college representation, specific discipline, gender, and ethnicity (not necessarily in that order) utilizing the following Faculty Senate guidelines.

A Committee on Faculty Committees shall be appointed by the Senate Executive Committee (and approved by the Faculty Senate) from among the senators to determine the members of all standing faculty committees. Where committee chairpersons are to be elected, it shall appoint conveners.  The committee shall use the following guidelines when appointing members to committees:

  1. The committee shall maintain consecutive service on committees by giving priority to former members who have completed one or more years of satisfactory service;
  2. If no member of an academic unit applies to serve on a committee that has a seat designated for that academic unit, then the committee may fill that seat with an applicant from another academic unit;
  3. No faculty member shall be appointed to a standing committee for more than three years in succession unless a fourth year appointment is necessary to assure a minimum of one carry-over committee member for the succeeding year or otherwise stated in the bylaws;
  4. One third of the members of a committee shall be replaced each year, so far as possible;
  5. On Senate committees with 8 or fewer faculty members, no more than one member from any given department may serve. On Senate committees with 9 or more faculty members, no more than two members from any given department may serve. The one exception to the above conditions pertains to the Budget Review Committee. Since the Vice-Chair and the At-Large Member of Faculty Senate becomes members of the Joint Planning and Budget Committee and the Articles and By-laws Committee after the rest of the membership is determined, the department affiliation of these members will not affect the eligibility of other members already selected for the committee. If alternates are selected at a later date, the department affiliation of these will be considered.

The 2008-2009 Application for Committee Assignments cautioned that anyone who wished to be considered for committee assignment must fill out an application – including those who were fulfilling a multi-year appointment.  In addition, faculty were encouraged to select more than one possible assignment to increase the likelihood of receiving an assignment.  Several subsequent email reminders from the Faculty Senate office were sent out to the faculty.   Current committee chairs were requested to provide feedback regarding any committee member issues (e.g., lack of attendance and/or participation, etc.).  Two chairs did report such issues and this information was taken in consideration when making new committee assignments.


The CoFC received a total of 209 forms requesting 514 CoFC committee seats – down from the 220 forms received last year.  Requests from the College of Business Administration increased slightly, while requests from both the College of Liberal Studies and the College of Science and Health decreased slightly.  While requests from faculty have remained relatively consistent over the last three years, requests from instructional academic staff have doubled since 2006-2007.  This is likely due to the newly adopted career progression opportunities for instructional academic staff which require service/professional development activities. This year also saw the addition of a new student committee - the Campus Community Enhancement Fund. 


Of the 125 individuals who requested reassignment, 117 were reassigned.  As is often the case, some individuals who requested reassignment had served their maximum term and were, therefore, not eligible for reassignment.  However, in four instances a member who requested a committee, but had already served three years, was reassigned for a fourth year due to lack of requests for that particular committee.   Twenty-three individuals have been assigned dual appointments for the 2008-2009 academic year.  These were all the result of a lack of requests for those committees either this year or, in some instances, carried over from last year.  One individual was assigned to three continuing committee slots – two of which are student committees.  This faculty member will be contacted by the Faculty Senate chair and given the opportunity to resign from the committee(s) of his choice.  Fifteen individuals were not given any committee assignment – only one of these individuals had requested more than one assignment (two in this case).  Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the requested committees, these individuals could not be placed as members, but were all assigned as alternates to the committee of their choice.  Finally, only the Apportionment committee was left open - due to a lack of any requests.  The Senate Executive Committee will attempt to fill this seat and any open alternate seats on this and other committees over the summer.


In conclusion, the Committee on Faculty Committees would like to make the following recommendations:


  1. A description of Joint and Student committees should be included in future Applications for Committee Assignment.  The CoFC believes that such descriptions would increase volunteer requests for the students committees that are often difficult to fill.


  1. Instructional academic staff follow the same grievance/appeals process as ranked faculty.  With the recent adoption of IAS career progression procedures, it is inevitable that an IAS grievance/appeal will come before the Hearing committee and/or CGAAF.  Membership on these committees is open only to tenured faculty.  The CoFC recommends that Faculty Senate discuss the idea of allowing IAS to serve.



Respectfully submitted,


Kerrie Hoar, Chair

Committee Members:

Stephen Brokaw

Carol Miller

Brian Udermann

Carmen Wilson