SEC Nominations


A.  Joint Promotion Committee

Appointed to 3-yr terms

Sharon Jessee  

Roger Haro                             

Aaron Monte                           

Jodi Vandenberg-Daves          


1-yr replacements

Carol Oyster (replaces Pandit)

Jim Theler (replaces Bigel)

Gary Walth (replaces Heim)


                        2007-08 Joint Promotion Committee

                        3-yr terms

                        Sharon Jessee

                        Roger Haro

                        Aaron Monte

                        Jodi Vandenberg-Daves


                        2-yr continuing terms

                        Gary Walth (1-yr replacement for Heim)

                        Rick Mikat

                        Carol Oyster (1-yr replacement for Pandit)

                        Bob Hoar


                        3-yr continuing terms

                        Gerry Cox

                        Gary Gilmore

                        Peg Maher

                        Jim Theler (1-yr replacement for Bigel)



B.  Consultative Layoff Committee

Appointed to 3-yr terms

Paul Keaton

Sandy Krajewski

Gwyn Straker



2007-08 Consultative Layoff Committee

3-yr terms

Paul Keaton (CBA) – Associate

Sandy Krajewski (CLS) – Professor

Gwyn Straker (SAH) – Assistant


2-year continuing term

Joe Heim, convener (CLS) – Professor            

Keith Sherony (CBA) – Professor       

Mary Tollefson (CLS) – Associate                   


1-year continuing term                                                          

Bradley Butterfield (CLS) - Associate

Mark Gibson (SAH) - Assistant

Bruce Osterby  (SAH) - Professor



C.  Committee on Faculty Committees

            Steve Brokaw

            Kerrie Hoar

            Carol Miller

            Brian Udermann

            Carmen Wilson, Convener



D.  Articles & By-laws

            Suzanne Anglehart

            Paul Beck

            Ronda Knox

            Keith Sherony, Convener

            Sarah Shillinger



E.  Elections

            Joe Anderson

            Sue Kelly

            Ronda Knox, Convener



F.  Faculty Ombudspersons

            Mike Haupert

            Steve Senger

            Kim Vogt



G.  Parking Appeals

            Charlene Holler