Actions of 43rd Faculty Senate



Actions passed by Faculty Senate


Sept. 11

• Approve faculty nominees to AAO S/S



• Approve nominees for Joint Promotion Committee, Consultative Lay-off Committee, IAS Career Progression, Expansion of General Education Committee membership for one-year, Committee on Faculty Committees, Senate Elections Committee, Faculty Ombudspersons, and Parking Appeals

Names forwarded to Jennifer Wilson, Director HR


Implemented by senate office.

Sept. 25

• Approve one year replacement on Joint Promotion Committee


• Approved a one-year pilot to move the submission of final grades up by eight hours as we migrate to the new student information system

Name forwarded to Provost/Vice Chancellor


Forwarded to Registrar

October 9

• Revised the Incomplete Grade Policy to read the incomplete must be removed no later than one calendar year (12 months) following the term in which the incomplete was incurred.


• Approved changes to UWL 3.05 and UWL 3.06 to protect probationary faculty from variable tenure criteria while continuing to ensure the departmental role in establishing the criteria.

Forwarded to the Chancellor






Forwarded to the Chancellor

Nov. 20

• Approved the FY 09-10 charge to the General Education Assessment Committee.


• Eliminated 4-drop limit policy


• Approved converting semesters to credits in the probation/retention policy.


• Dropped the General Education midterm grading policy.


• Approved the 2010-2011 academic year calendar

Forwarded to committee




Forwarded to P/VC


Forwarded to Chancellor


Forwarded to Chancellor


Forwarded to P/VC

Dec. 4

•Approved list of Fall 2008 graduates


•Support full-time Assessment Coordinator Position

No action required

Forwarded to Chancellor

Feb. 5

•Approved PTS recommendation on FY 2009-11 Pay Plan

Forwarded to VC of Admin/Finance

Feb. 19

•Approve Minor in Sports Broadcasting

•Support CATL Proposal

Forwarded to Chancellor

Forwarded to Chancellor

March 5

•IAS Committee Recommendations
   Adopt IDP and Position Descriptions
   Approve chngs to UWL 8, 9, 11, 12, 13

•Mbrship on Textbook Rental Committee

Forwarded to Chancellor


Names forwarded to Larry Ringgenberg

March 26

•Reports presented to senate, no formal action


April 9

•Approve new major in Women’s Studies


•Resolution: Objection to Raid on UW-L’s Auxiliary Funds

Forwarded to Provost


Forwarded to Gov. Doyle, UWS Pres. Reilly, Regents Bradley and Smith, State Representatives Hixon and Miller, Chancellor Gow, UWS Faculty Representatives


April 23

•Approve Nominees to Search Committee
for the Director of the School of Education


•Approve new Minor in Archaeology

•Support adoption of either version 1 or version 4 of the proposed new Mission Statement

Forwarded to Executive Director of Human Resources


Forwarded to Chancellor

Conveyed to committee

May 7

•Approved list of Spring 2009 graduates


•Approve suspension of Graduate Reading Programs


•Approve PTS Committee recommendations on Recruitment & Retention Funding


•Approve revision of Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Extent of Majors Policy


•Accept report from Committee on Faculty Committees


No action required


Forwarded to Provost

Forwarded to Chancellor

Internal committee document, no action required



Posted report on faculty senate website

May 14

•Support and endorse report from Textbook Rental Usage Committee


•Expand membership of the Academic Program Review Committee by three to deal with backlog of program reviews during the 2009-10 academic year

Forwarded to Chancellor



Forwarded to 2009-10 APR Committee