April 11, 2008




To:                   Committee on Academic Policies and Standards



From:               Chris Bakkum, Ph.D.

                        Interim Registrar



Re:                   Review of Incomplete Policy (time limit to remove incomplete)



Attached is the UW-L policy on the removal of an incomplete grade.  I would like to ask CAPS to take a look at the policy and to consider approving a change in the policy so that the undergraduate removal of an incomplete grade is consistent with the recently approved graduate removal of an incomplete grade. 


The Graduate Council, just last month, approved the following removal of an incomplete grade policy:

“A student will have up to one calendar year (12 months) to have an incomplete “I” grade changed, barring any extenuating circumstances.  A failing grade of “F” or the grade noted by the instructor when completing the incomplete form will be recorded for incomplete grades that are not removed within one calendar year of the date recorded, whether or not a student is enrolled.”


The current undergraduate policy allows a student one and one-half semesters in residence to remove an incomplete grade.  This can be problematic if a student leaves the university prior to the time when the incomplete must be removed (1 and ½ semesters in residence) and then returns, years later to find the incomplete grade still on the record.  If the undergraduate policy were changed to match the graduate policy, all students would have 1 full year to remove an incomplete grade, whether or not they remain enrolled. 


Thank you for your consideration of this request.