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SA 0809-029: Requesting Faculty Senate Support of D2L


Authors: Derek Kockler and Jennie Lynn Hastings

Date: September 24th, 2008


WHEREAS; D2L is a powerful resource that many students, professors, and staff use to enhance education and foster a greater learning environment upon this campus, and;


WHEREAS; D2L provides class lists of all enrolled students within a class, giving students a pathway to network and collaborate on academic efforts, and;


WHEREAS; Chris Bakkum, the Registrar at UW-L, has stated that the use of D2L across the entire university would have no FERPA concerns, and;


WHEREAS; John Tillman, the Chief Information Officer at UW-L, has stated the IT department would be able to set up accounts for all concurrent classes of that academic term, and;


WHEREAS; this would alleviate work from instructional staff that chose to use D2L because an account would be automatically made available, and;


WHEREAS; an increase in accessibility of D2L to instructional staff may encourage otherwise skeptical instructional staff to use this resource, and;


WHEREAS; last spring, students overwhelmingly supported a student investment that would help our campus increase its sustainable efforts, and increase use of D2L is a logical option to begin reducing paper consumption.


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED; Student Association strongly encourages Faculty Senate to support authorization of requiring D2L sites be made available to every class for the duration of the academic term in which it is offered, and;


THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED; Student Association is not requesting each professor to regularly maintain the D2L site rather that the site is available for students enrolled in classes, and;


THEREFORE BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED; that this resolution be sent to Faculty Senate, Provost Enz Finken, Chris Bakkum, John Tillman and Chancellor Joe Gow.