Faculty Senate

3:30 p.m. – March 5, 2009

Robert C. Voight Faculty Senate Chambers, 325 Graff Main Hall



I. Roll Call.

Present: M. Abler, J. Anderson, S. Brokaw, D. Buffton, V. Crank, G. Cravins, S. Crutchfield, L. Dickmeyer, T. Gendreau, J. Heim, D. Hoskins, R. LeDocq, A. Loh, C. Miller, P. Miller, J. Miskowski, A. Olson, D. Sullivan, B. Udermann, B. Van Voorhis

Excused: J. Holman, B. Riley, S. Shillinger                             

Absent:  R. Ahmed


II. Minutes from the Senate’s Feb. 19, 2009 meeting were approved.   


III. Reports.


            A.   Chair’s Report

            The State and Federal budgets were discussed.  The state budget call for monies taken from campuses’ auxiliary funds to pay for $25 million of financial aid across the system.  The amount of funds taken is based on a snapshot of those funds last summer, when Madison didn’t have much money in its auxiliary fund.  Thus UW-L will pay approximately 20% of the 25 million. 

The state legislator’s upcoming consideration of domestic partner benefits/ protections and collective bargaining rights was reviewed.

            Senate will probably vote on the IAS-recommended changes to UW-L Chapter 10 in the next month.

            There is concern that the technology budget originally promised for the new academic building is no longer in place.  Technology plans for the building have been scaled back, and there has been no explanation or review of the current plans by on-campus education technologies experts.  Concerns are that the building may not be equipped to even eventually house “cutting edge” technology as once promised.  Bob Hetzel could address these concerns, and J. Heim is meeting with him in approximately one week to ask for an update.  Senators were invited to join Heim in his meeting with B. Hetzel.

            Ballots for the open Senate seats will be coming out the Monday after Spring break.  This election will be electronic.  The committee assignment sheet is already out.

            The Chancellor and the Provost are in Madison.


            B.  Faculty Representative’s Report

            Issues discussed at the February 27 Faculty Representatives Meeting included the following:

1.      Textbook costs and textbook rental

2.      The 3-year accelerated degree program proposal:   Permission to plan will begin in Aug. 2009.  The Acadmic Affairs Office in Madison is considering what guidelines should be followed. UW-L has indicated an interest.

3.      Program realignment:  System is forming a force to examine programs across the system and identify which are vibrant and which may need help.  Committee members are needed.

4.      12-month pay disbursement plan for faculty:  The current decision is to remain with the current 9-month plan.

5.      Collective bargaining rights:  Two proposals are currently moving through the legislature, differing according to the number of bargaining units they provide.


            C.  Student Representative’s Report

            No report.


            D.  Budget Update (Becky LeDocq) [item not on published agenda]

            B. LeDocq reviewed a handout on 2009-10 System Distribution Adjustments, detailing how system will split up budget reductions across the various campuses.  UW-L will address its budget issues with reductions, offsets, and new revenues.  A one-time give-back of $500,000 from travel funds will mean that travel will not go unfunded, but will rather be funded differently, with grant overhead monies being pooled and redistributed.

            Discussion:  Didn’t anyone fight for us in the legislature regarding the unfair proportion of our auxiliary fund contributions?  The Chancellor and B. Hetzel have lobbied for us.  The local legislators are aware of this;  Sen. Kapanke, Rep. Shilling, and Rep. Huebsch are aware, but it’s not clear what they can do about it.  This decision may have been made at System.  UW-L students are going to Madison today to meet with legislators on the issue. 


Motion:  that the SEC draft a resolution objecting to the raid on UW-L’s auxiliary funds.



Discussion continued:  At what point are we concerned that these hikes in our fees and tuition will cause a decrease in student applications?   Once we stop being perceived as a great value, applications may indeed go down and thus affect our revenue targets.


            E. Mission Statement Update (Susan Crutchfield) [item not on published agenda]

            The Provost’s Ad Hoc Committee on the UW-L Select Mission Statement will be sending out a survey on proposed alternate missions in the upcoming weeks.  Data from these surveys will be forwarded to            campus governance groups for discussion and selection of acceptable statements;  these selections will be forwarded to the Chancellor for a final decision to be considered by the BOR.



V. IAS Proposal [out of order from published agenda]

            The following motions refer to recommendations described in the document titled “Recommendations from the Instructional Academic Staff Committee (IAS),

February 12, 2009,” which is available, along with its referenced attachments, on the Faculty Senate webpage under the 43rd Faculty Senate (2008-09) “Senate Minutes and Agendas” link.  Excerpts from that document are provided here as context for the recorded motions.


A.  IAS Committee Recommendation 1

2008-09 IAS Committee spent much of the fall semester revising the current Position Description and Individual Development Plan (IDP) templates (http://www.uwlax.edu/hr/current/IDP/IDP.htm) to better suit the needs of instructional academic staff. The revised templates (see attached) have been reviewed by

several department chairs and were forwarded to the Office of Human Resources for feedback.


Recommendation #1: The IAS Committee recommends the adoption of the IDP and Position Description templates for immediate implementation for Instructional Academic Staff at UW-L.


Motion:  to recommend adoption of the IDP and Position Descriptions.

Motion passed.


B.  IAS Committee Recommendations 2-6

Recommendation #2 for UWL 8: Unclassified Code of Ethics: The IAS Committee recommends the approval of the attached changes to UWL 8.05.

Recommendation #3 for UWL 9: Academic Staff Rules: Coverage and Delegation: The IAS Committee recommends the approval of the attached changes to UWL 9.01 and 9.02.

Recommendation #4 for UWL 11: Dismissal of Academic Staff for Cause: The IAS Committee recommends the approval of the attached changes to UWL 11.03, 11.06, 11.07, 11.10 and 11.12.

Recommendation #5 for UWL 12: Layoff of Academic Staff for Reasons of Budget or Program:

The IAS Committee recommends the approval of the attached changes to UWL 12.01, 12.03, 12.04,1 2.05, 12.06, 12.09, 12.10 and 12.11.

Recommendation #6 for UWL 13: Complaints and Grievances: The IAS Committee recommends the approval of attached changes to UWL 13.01 and 13.02.


Motion 2:  to support recommendations 2-6.

Motion Passed.


C.  IAS Committee Recommendations 7-8

Recommendations 7-8 will be discussed next week by K. Hoar, E. Denlinger, B. Hetzel, and J. Wilson, and will then be brought back to Senate.   K. Hoar will forward a report on the outcome of their meeting to SEC.


IV. Textbook Rental (TR) Committee


A.  Membership

Current faculty members of the committee are the following:


Ken Winter


Sandra Krajewski

Betsy Morgan

Dick Sullivan, Convener

K.T. Willhite

Chuck Lee, Alternate


            Rafique Ahmed


R. Ahmed needs to be replaced due to scheduling difficulties.  Senate will send out a request for further SAH volunteers, particularly within the sciences.


            B. Guidelines

            The floor was opened for suggestions/guidance on what should be the concerns of faculty members on the TR Committee.

            R. Sullivan provided an update from the committee.  Work on TR policies has been decoupled from questions about whether TR will be outsourced.  The eventual policies should be permanent regardless of future outsourcing; any contract will stipulate that the provider adhere to our guidelines.   Current issues being discussed in the committee include

§         the problems with an under $120 cap per course,

§         the faculty interest in seeing textbook needs identified by class (individual sections) rather than by course,

§         a desire to define TR as a University-wide faculty, student, and staff resource, rather than as a course book supplying system,

§         the proposal to shift TR’s organizational line of authority from the Office of Student Life, which could lead to important changes in how book requests are approved (Deans may no longer be involved), and

§         the need for administration (and the committee) to collect information in order to understand the broader issues across the disciplines.  To this end, a survey can be sent out to faculty soliciting information on their TR use practices. 


            No action has been taken on outsourcing.  Have the students been asked about outsourcing?


C. Sense of the Senate

The Senate was asked how many favor a TR system and how many prefer to move to a textbook buying system.  Roughly 2/3 were in favor of maintaining a TR system.


VI. Old Business.


VII. New Business.



VIII. Adjournment at 5 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Susan Crutchfield