Minutes of the Faculty Senate

3:30 p.m. – April 9, 2009

Robert C. Voight Faculty Senate Chambers, 325 Graff Main Hall


I. Roll Call.

Present: R. Ahmed, J. Anderson, S. Brokaw, D. Buffton, G. Cravins, S. Crutchfield, L. Dickmeyer, T. Gendreau, J. Heim, : J. Holman, D. Hoskins, R. LeDocq, A. Loh, C. Miller, P. Miller, A. Olson, B. Riley, S. Shillinger, D. Sullivan, B. Udermann, B. Van Voorhis

Excused: M. Abler, V. Crank, J. Miskowski


II.         Minutes of the Senate meeting of March 26, 2009 were approved.


III.       Reports.


            A.        Chair’s Report

            The Senate election results are as follows:

At-large:                                                           CLS:

            Jeff Baggett,                                                     Darlene Lake

Bradley Butterfield                                            Michael Tollefson

Kerrie Hoar

Ronda Smith                                                     SAH:

Marcie Wycoff-Horn                            Kenny Hunt


There will be a UW-L Policies Chapter 10 update at the next Senate meeting.  New wording from our campus is now under consideration by System Legal. 

State Representative Kim Hixson, a Professor at UW-Whitewater and Chairman of the State Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities, held an informational session on the budget impact of the state university system.

A Search and Screen committee is forming for the Director of the School of Education position.  Five faculty will be nominated by the Senate, and the SEC is now taking names for consideration.  We are in the finalists stage for the Acting Dean of the School of Allied Health. The Provost is beginning to plan for a Search and Screen committee for the Associate Dean of CLS/Director of the School of Arts and Communications position. 

The SEC met with Department of Educational Studies faculty and then with Dean Benson and School of Education Director Peg Finders to discuss the suspended bylaws of the DES.

We welcome Dean Benson to her new position as permanent CLS Dean!


            Chancellor’s Report  [Not on published agenda]

The general budget process at UW-L is going well, though we have lost jobs in non-

faculty areas.  Two positions were funded by Foundation investments, but falling dividends has meant that two of those positions can’t be continued. 

            The Chancellor has been arguing against using the Faculty Recruitment and Retention Fund (FRRF) in this budget climate; however, other chancellors aren’t interested in using FRRF for financial aid.

            NCUR is coming!


            B.         Provost/Vice-Chancellor’s Report

            The System’s Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Rebecca Martin visited UW-L over the last two days.

New language for UW-L Chapter 10 has been sent to System office for review directly from Jennifer Wilson and Joy Gutknecht;  the Provost, Elise Denlinger, and Kerrie Hoar have not yet seen that revised language. 

The Provost updated Senate on GQ&A planned and completed hires for faculty and staff. We need to have a conversation about prioritizing remaining staff needs.

The “UW-La Crosse Fy 2009-2010 Budget – Faculty Recruitment and Retention Funding Plan” was reviewed.  Chairs are working with Deans to identify and prioritize eligible faculty in their programs; then the Provost will make a decision according to the published guidelines.  We have yet to see if the FRRF is included in the budget.

Compression and equity in salaries are being studied.  We need a plan for how to internally address these problems for the long-term.

Bob Hetzel reported that bids on the academic building came in $10 million under budget, so we have been able to add back into the plan five classrooms and a full technology package (3.4 million total for technology).  The leftover $5 million savings is being put to the side by System for their use.


            D.        Student Representative’s Report

            The students will spend up to $50,000 on a car-share service; the city will determine which company they choose.  This will be a one-time investment, with no returns, in a private company.

            The students are debating a new Student Association constitution.  They also decided again not to join the statewide council of UW students, after having left the council last year. 

They may join a USA Today collegiate readership program, and they have decided not to endorse a resolution on the Auxiliary Fund raid.

            Students passed a pay-for-print fee, but there are still reservations and a desire to see similar steps taken to reduce printing use among faculty.

            Student elections are upcoming.


C.        Faculty Representative’s Report  [out of order from agenda]

            There has been some discussion with legislators about changing the language regarding bargaining units in the Collective Bargaining Bill.  A Program Array Committee was formed by the UW-System administration to develop criteria for how to identify struggling programs for discontinuation.


            Textbook Rental Services policy Committee (R. Sullivan) [not on agenda]

            The committee will circulate a draft of its policy statement to groups across campus for feedback before a final vote by the committee.


VI.       New Major in Women’s Studies. [out of order from the published agenda]

This comes as a motion from Academic Planning to recommend approval of the WGSS Major.


Motion passed.


IV.       Resolution from SEC on Auxiliary Account Funds.

This comes as a motion from the SEC.

            There was discussion of the following topics:

§         Would this have any impact in Madison?

§         The resolution doesn’t speak to the unfair inequity in the distribution of cuts to the Aux. Funds across system. Do we want to approve this resolution on principle, or would we rather make one related to the disproportionality, which might be a more practicable?  Approving this one doesn’t preclude another resolution.

§         Students feel student money should never be taken in order to be given back to students.


A Sense of the Senate was taken on the following question: Should we include language on the disproportionate distribution in this resolution?

The Senate unanimously voted to leave the resolution as is.


Motion passed to approve the resolution.



Resolution Opposing the Use of University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Campus

Auxiliary Account Funds as a Revenue Source for Student Financial Aid


Whereas, UW System Campus Auxiliary Fund accounts have specified objectives and planned uses, and


Whereas, UW Student Fees are the primary source of revenues for these Auxiliary Fund Accounts, and


Whereas, diminishing the amounts in these accounts would have an adverse effect on the objectives and planned uses of these funds, and


Whereas, the loss of any Auxiliary Funds could negatively impact classroom renovations, building repairs, technology improvements, and other academically related uses, and


Whereas, student fees would have to be increased to replace these transferred funds,


Therefore, be it resolved that the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Faculty Senate opposes the transfer of campus Auxiliary Funds as included in the Wisconsin FY 2009-2010 proposed State Budget.



V.        Resolution from SEC on Collective Bargaining.

There was some confusion about which version(s) of the resolution were up for consideration.


Motion:  to table the discussion.



VII.      Old Business.




VIII.     New Business.




IX.       Adjournment.