Faculty Senate




Resolution Opposing the Use of University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Campus

Auxiliary Account Funds as a Revenue Source for Student Financial Aid



Whereas, UW System Campus Auxiliary Fund accounts have specified objectives and planned uses, and


Whereas, UW Student Fees are the primary source of revenues for these Auxiliary Fund Accounts, and


Whereas, diminishing the amounts in these accounts would have an adverse affect on the objectives and planned uses of these funds, and


Whereas, the loss of any Auxiliary Funds could negatively impact classroom renovations, building repairs, technology improvements, and other academically related uses, and


Whereas, student fees would have to be increased to replace these transferred funds,


Therefore, be it resolved that the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Faculty Senate opposes the transfer of campus Auxiliary Funds as included in the Wisconsin FY 2009-2010 proposed State Budget.