Faculty Senate




Resolution on Legislative Proposals


Relating to Collective Bargaining by University of Wisconsin System Faculty and Academic Staff



Whereas, historically all faculty and academic staff of the University of Wisconsin System have been treated as one group for purposes of salary increases and changes in fringe benefits, and


Whereas, legislation enabling collective bargaining for the UW System faculty and academic staff continues to be introduced that would create separate collective bargaining units for the faculty and academic staff on each campus, and


Whereas, separate collective bargaining units for the faculty and the academic staff will place faculty and academic staff in competition for salary and fringe benefits, and


Whereas, any legislative proposal that establishes separate faculty and academic staff collective bargaining units but provides a mechanism for combining these two units does not guarantee, and only provides false hope, that these units will combine,


Therefore be it resolved that the Faculty Senate at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse opposes any legislative proposals that would establish an academic staff collective bargaining unit separate from the faculty collective bargaining unit on the same campus.