Faculty Senate

May 7, 2009*

*Cookie Day!  Please bring cookies to share.

Robert C. Voight Faculty Senate Chambers

Immediately following the Organizational Meeting of the 44th Faculty Senate





I.          Roll Call.


II.         Approval of Minutes – April 23, 2009.


III.       Reports.

            A.        Chair’s Report

            B.         Provost/Vice-Chancellor’s Report

C.        Faculty Representative’s Report

            D.        Student Representative’s Report


IV.       Approval of Spring 2009 Graduates.


V.        Elimination of the Graduate Reading Programs.


VI.       Report from PTS Committee

A.  Recruitment & Retention Fund Recommendations

B.  Presentation on Salary Compression.


VII.      Revision of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Extent of Majors Policy.


VIII.     Report from the Committee on Faculty Committees.


IX.       Old Business.


X.        New Business.


XI.       Adjournment.