Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes

327 Graff Main Hall – 4:15 p.m.

December 2, 2008


Present:  Joe Heim, Rebecca LeDocq, Susan Crutchfield, Brian Udermann;

Visitors: Bob Hoar, Bill Cerbin, Kathleen Enz Finken, Georges Cravins


1.  Minutes from the SEC meetings for Nov. 11 and 18 were approved.


2.  Faculty Representative Report (Georges Cravins)

            Merit pay will be cut across the System and will affect UW-L.  There are questions about whether this would include the High Demand Faculty Fund (“star fund”).

Statewide Faculty Representatives are considering requesting a Legislative Audit Bureau audit of faculty salaries.   SEC discussed the desirability of this, with no clear consensus.

            The recommended pay plan from Kevin Reilly is 2.5%.   A stricter travel approval process is now in place.  There is a BOR meeting Jan. 5-6.  Cravins feels we must be more active as a Senate on these issues. 

            Also, Senate needs to take a stand on the High Demand Faculty Fund.   The Provost reports that we haven’t yet heard whether we’ll receive High Demand Faculty funds this year (to apply to salaries next year). 


3.  Position Papers on Senate Website

Different perspectives on the High Demand Faculty Fund could be featured on the Senate’s webpage under “Position Papers.”  Other complex issues under Senate discussion could be featured regularly at this site to facilitate informed debate.


4.  CATL proposal

            A revised version of the full CATL proposal was discussed.  (See again-updated version under Distributed Documents for 12/4/08 Senate meeting.)

            It was noted positively that the Instructional Designer position was revised to be flexible in providing face-to-face as well as online course design.  The Advisory Board was also considered a positive piece of the center’s structure.  There were some questions about how the Board would be created.

            The Assessment Coordinator position will be up for a vote at Senate this week.  For accreditation and other reasons there is a need for an Assessment Coordinator.


5.  Future Meetings

A. Spring Senate meetings dates were discussed.


B. SEC will meet Jan 20th and 27th


C. Committee Chair meeting

            SEC will meet with FS committee chairs for lunch, Jan. 20, 1 p.m. at the Eagle’s Nest.   SEC will meet immediately afterwards.


6.  Online SEI Taskforce

            John O’Hare has been nominated by Student Senate for the committee.


Motion:  to approve the establishment of an ad hoc Faculty Senate committee to investigate gathering SEIs online.  M/S/P


7. Graduation List

This will go before the Senate this week.


Motion: to Approve the Dec. 2008 Graduation List.  M/S/P


8.  Student Association Resolution re. Violence Prevention Office

SEC reviewed “SA 0809-022: Resolution on Requesting that the UW-L Joint Planning and Budget Committee Support the Funding of the Violence Prevention Office.”  Yearly, this office educates 3700 students in addition to 1700 incoming students;  it educates athletes and Residence Hall Assistants.   Currently five to ten students a week seek Ingrid Peterson’s assistance in the office.   The U.S. Dept. of Justice has chosen not to renew the office’s two-year grant.


9.  BOR reception Thursday 5 p.m.

SEC members should attend.


10.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Crutchfield