Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes

3:00 p.m. – 327 Graff Main Hall

Feb. 17, 2009


Present:  Joe Heim, Rebecca LeDocq, Susan Crutchfield, Brian Udermann;

Visitors: Kathleen Enz Finken, Bob Hoar


1.  The minutes from SEC meeting on Feb. 10, 2009 were approved.


2.  Transfer of Tenured Professors

            Sarah Shillinger asked that Senate consider discussing and possibly acting on various issues related to the movement of tenured faculty, and tenure-track positions, from one to another department.  There was discussion of various positions that have been or are being moved, including the Broadfield Science DES position that is going to be placed in an academic department, and the position in ERS that recently moved with Vincent Her to the Dept. of Sociology and Archaeology.  The Provost clarified that no one is being forced or pressured to move from his or her department.  Heim will respond to Shillinger’s e-mail.


3.  Proposal to Drop Some Masters Programs

This proposal is going to the Academic Planning Committee.


4. IAS Policy Proposal

            This is on the Senate agenda for discussion Thursday and action at the following Senate meeting.  The proposal was presented to the university in May 2008 and has still not been approved by the administration.  The current budget crisis is compounding a reluctance to approve policy language that includes the possibility of multiyear contracts for IAS.  The turnover in administrative offices has also contributed to the slowness of the approval process. 

We are not in compliance with our current policies, which stipulate that rolling horizon contracts shall be offered after a certain number of years of continuous appointments.   Flexibility for budget crises is built into the proposed policy.  Discussion of how best to gain support for the proposal was discussed.

The Senate will move ahead on Thursday with a discussion of all but Chapter 10 of the proposal.


5.  Contract Letter Language

            The language of the current IAS contract letter, which states that the contract is “not intended for renewal,” is being rewritten by the Provost.  There was some discussion of UW-L’s need to comply with System requirements for contract language and information.


6.  CATL Proposal

            This is on Thursday’s agenda.  Neither the Provost nor Bill Cerbin will be at the meeting.  The Faculty Senate already voted in support of the Assessment Coordinator position, but the search is not moving ahead due to the budget.


Motion: to reaffirm SEC’s support of the CATL proposal.



7.  Donna Anderson’s concerns about AAO

These have been cleared up.


8.  The Student Association’s D2L Proposal

            The students want to modify their proposal before it is taken up at Faculty Senate. 


9. Ad Hoc Committee on Textbook Rental Policy

            The RFP from outside vendors for the Bookstore and Textbook Rental is going out any day now.  The Provost will clarify the intended purpose of this ad hoc committee; her understanding is that this will be the advisory committee works with the vendor to develop and monitor the policies over time.

            The membership of the committee was revised to include the following people:



            Ken Winter (Accounting)       



            Sandi Krajewski (WGSS)

            Betsy Morgan (Psychology)

            Dick Sullivan (English)

K.T. Willhite (Educational Studies)



            Rafique Ahmed (Geography and Earth Science)


10.  UW-L Foundation Small Grants Committee

            SEC will forward the following names to the committee:  Bradley Butterfield, Cordial Gillete.


11. Online Advisory Group

            The group has decided not to pursue standardized formats for peer evaluations of online courses.  Format decisions will be left to individual departments, though Udermann is willing to perform peer evaluations for any department per their request.


12.  JPB

JPB will not meet this week.  Bob Hetzel will be invited to this week’s Senate meeting to provide any budget updates. 


13.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Crutchfield