Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes

3:00 p.m. – 327 Graff Main Hall

March 31, 2009


Present:  Joe Heim, Rebecca LeDocq, Susan Crutchfield, Brian Udermann;

Visitors: Carol Angell, Barb Cheney, Tom Hench, Bob Hoar,  Eric Kraemer (arrived 3:45 p.m., left 4 p.m.), Bob Krajewski (arrived 4 p.m.), Robert Richardson


1.  Minutes from the March 24, 2009 SEC meetings were approved. 


2.  DES (Carol Angell)

A.  Report from DES faculty

C. Angell presented a report from the DES including four documents:  

1.      “DES Faculty—Executive Committee Meeting:  Presentation Outline”

2.      “Teacher Education Program Review Timeline” 

3.      “Department of Educational Studies:  Retiring/Leaving Faculty: 2000-present”

4.      “Teacher Education Leadership”


Seven tenured DES faculty signed the documents, indicating their support of the documents’ content: Carol Angell, Barbara Cheney, Bob Krajewski, Robert Richardson, Joyce Shanks, Gregory Walsko, and Greg Wegner.

            The “Presentation Outline” (dated Tuesday, March 31, 2009) is transcribed here:


Administrative Actions Affecting DES


1.      Graduate Program elimination (RDG, ME-PD non-cert); decision made without DES consultation

2.      Relocating Secondary Program & corresponding faculty lines to content area departments; decision made without DES consultation

3.      Separating Secondary Program graduation from other education candidates; decision made without DES consultation

4.      Suspended DES bylaws 3-11-09; decision made without DES consultation

5.      DES PRT Committee will not review tenure-track faculty; decision made without DES consultation



Requested Support and Influence [from SEC/Senate]


1.      To stop the administrative dismantling of the Department & its programs

2.      To reinstate Secondary Program within DES

3.      To reinstate the Department bylaws

4.      To have DES faculty elect their own Department Chair (faculty governance)

5.      To be heard by the administration & be treated with respect as professionals

6.      To reinstate the usual, direct, and professional communication with DPI regarding Department programs

7.      To create teacher education program curriculum

8.      To involve DES faculty in all decisions regarding teacher education on campus.


The DES wants the issue of bylaw suspension to be brought before the Faculty Senate.

All visitors except for B. Hoar left the meeting at 4:10 p.m.


B.  SEC discussion.

Dean Benson and School of Education (SOE) Director Finders will be invited to share their responses to the four documents at the next SEC meeting.   B. Hoar will share the documents with the Provost.  The final DPI report has been sent to DPI, and B. Hoar will report back to the SEC on the DPI’s final approval (conditional or otherwise). 

Plans to suspend the RDG and ME-PD non-cert programs have gone through the Academic Planning Committee and are now going to the Graduate Curriculum Committee. 


2.  Rebecca Martin Visit, April 8-9

Rebecca Martin, the UW System Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, will be visiting campus next week.  She will meet with faculty governance members from 4:15-5 p.m. on Wed., April 8, in 325 Graff Main Hall.


3.  Student Association Resolution Supporting Online SEIs

This will be on the SEC agenda next week.


4.  Director of SOE Search and Screen

This committee needs to be created.  A request for five faculty member representatives will be made to the Senate.


5. Faculty Recruitment and Retention Fund

Revisions to this fund’s procedures have been made by System.  A draft of the procedures to be used by UW-L is in circulation.  A revised draft will be forwarded to PTS.  The final draft will be shared with the entire campus.  


6.  The meeting was adjourned at  4:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Crutchfield