Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes

327 Graff Main Hall – 3:00 p.m.

April 7, 2009


Present:  Joe Heim, Rebecca LeDocq, Susan Crutchfield, Brian Udermann;

Visitors:  Ruthann Benson, Margaret Finders, Kerrie Hoar, Kathleen Enz Finken, Bob Hoar


1.  Minutes from the March 31, 2009 SEC meeting was approved. 


2. Department of Educational Studies (DES)


A.  Report from R. Benson and M. Finders

            CLS Dean, and Acting DES Chair, Benson and School of Education Director Finders reported on events leading up to the suspension of the bylaws of the DES by the Provost this semester.  Information presented included the following:

            On October 5, 2007, R. Benson (then Interim Dean of CLS) received a memo from M. Finders outlining the difficulties she was having effectively completing her duties as DES Chair.  General information gathering was conducted to apprise the situation.  After consulting with Interim Provost Bill Colclough, Affirmative Action Officer Al Thompson, Campus Climate Director Beth Hartung, Faculty Senate President Carmen Wilson, Human Resources Director Jennifer Wilson, UW-System Legal and others, R. Benson requested the DES be placed into “Academic Receivership.”  This request was turned down by the Chancellor in favor of less disruptive measures, namely of appointing M. Finders as Acting Chair of DES as of April 3, 2008.

A document titled “Status of DPI Work by DES faculty,” which was reported by M. Finders at the April 23, 2008 CLS Dean’s meeting, documents Acting Chair M. Finders’ various unsuccessful attempts to assist DES faculty in meeting DPI requirements between October 5, 2007 and April 23, 2008. After the DPI’s November 2008 on-site review, the DPI could not recommend approval of the UW-L Teacher Education Programs, citing three minimum requirements to secure conditional approval:


§         The SOE is clearly defined within the institution and has the responsibility, authority, and personnel to develop, administer, and revise all professional education programs

§         DES program approval

§         DES advising plan


After the DPI on-site review, M. Finders tendered her resignation from the Acting Chairship of the DES and expressed her intent to resign as Director of the SOE at the end of Spring 2009.  R. Benson again requested the DES be placed into Academic Receivership (Dec. 2008), but was asked by the Chancellor instead to seek out another Acting Chair for the department.  Other options exhausted, R. Benson became the DES Acting Chair. 

These measures have not been successful in addressing the department’s dysfunction, two symptoms of which are its inability to retain junior faculty and its inability to address and meet the DPI requirements in a timely fashion.  M. Finders’s repeated reviews of DPI requirements with, and requests for relevant work by, DES faculty have resulted in no or in inappropriate results.


B.  SEC Discussion

            R. Benson and M. Finders left the meeting.  SEC members will review the presented information and discuss it at the next SEC meeting.


3.  SOE Director Search and Screen

            The Provost is making a formal request for the names of five faculty members to serve on this S&S.  Nominations need to be approved by the Senate by the end of April, so we need the nominations by Monday, April 20 for that week’s SEC and Senate approval.


4. Interim Dean of SAH Finalists

            The finalists are Ray Abhold, Richard Mikat, and Bruce Riley.  The candidates’ vitas are available on a website through the Provost’s Office: http://www.uwlax.edu/Provost/SAHdean/SAHdean.html.   This site also has a link through which to provide feedback on the candidates.  The Provost will select an Interim Dean based on feedback from department chairs and faculty as well as interviews with candidates.


5. Recruitment and Retention Funds

B. Hoar circulated the latest draft of an RR Funds “funding plan” for 2009-10.  Deans must give prioritized list of potential uses of the funds to the Provost by April 17.  PTS is supposed to review the use of the funds every year.  If they review them this year, the allocation of funds for next year may have already been decided, but PTS’s comments could be used for the following year and for any remaining funds yet to be decided.


6.  Mission Statement

The Mission Statement Committee will bring a report to the governance groups on the data gathered through a survey on the various mission statement possibilities.  Senate and other governance groups will send their recommendations back to the Mission Statement Committee.  Senate should recommend at least two options that are acceptable.  This will be on the Senate agenda for April 23.


7.  Rebecca Martin Meeting

Rebecca Martin, the VP of Academic Affairs for the UW-System will be visiting with faculty governance members tomorrow, April 8, at 4:15 in the Senate chambers.  She wants to hear what it is like to teach and work at UW-L.


8.  How do we remove and emphasis

The Management Department needs to know what the procedure is for dropping an emphasis in the major.  There may not be as many steps involved as in dropping a major or minor; however, we do need to be sure there aren’t hidden implications of removing it.   The Academic Planning Committee is working on a process for removing programs, so they should consider emphases as well.


9.  Student Association Resolution Supporting Online SEIs

What should be the next steps for the Online SEI Taskforce?  J. Heim suggests the taskforce conduct one or two pilot studies in individual departments.  Discussion of other possibilities ensued:  develop a survey to gauge support or lack thereof among faculty;  gather information from departments and individuals across campus;  launch an educational campaign about the benefits of online SEIs.  There would be costs associated with individual departments conducting a pilot. There are still the concerns regarding online SEIs providing easier access to written comments for students.


10.  Director of the School of Arts and Communication

The Provost has asked whether the search for this permanent position must be national.  Would faculty support an internal search for this position?  Are there any System rules regarding the need for a national search?  We have never had an internal search for an administrative position at this level.   There are various possibilities to recommend: internal search; external search; don’t replace the position;  replace as interim position with an internal candidate now and move to a national search for the permanent position when the budget climate is more positive.  The SEC recommends a national search or interim leadership. 


11.  ME-PD Non-cert

            The dissolution of this program has been delayed in coming before the Senate.  The graduate program track in Reading must go to the GCC first.  The ME-PD Non-cert track will also go to GCC but will be delayed pending possible grant funding. 


12.  Minor in Archaeology

This minor has not yet been approved by the UCC for the Senate agenda.


13.  Resolution Against the Auxiliary Funds Raid

Resolution Opposing the Use of University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Campus

Auxiliary Account Funds as a Revenue Source for Student Financial Aid


Whereas, UW System Campus Auxiliary Fund accounts have specified objectives and planned uses, and


Whereas, UW Student Fees are the primary source of revenues for these Auxiliary Fund Accounts, and


Whereas, diminishing the amounts in these accounts would have an adverse affect on the objectives and planned uses of these funds, and


Whereas, the loss of any Auxiliary Funds could negatively impact classroom renovations, building repairs, technology improvements, and other academically related uses, and


Whereas, student fees would have to be increased to replace these transferred funds,


Therefore, be it resolved that the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Faculty Senate opposes the transfer of campus Auxiliary Funds as included in the Wisconsin FY 2009-2010 proposed State Budget.


Motion: to recommend approval of the resolution.



14.  Resolution on Legislative Proposals Relating to Collective Bargaining

The version below (posted on the Senate website pertaining to its April 9 agenda) is almost exactly the version passed by faculty at Stevens Point.  This version was not approved by SEC, and the SEC makes no recommendation regarding this resolution.  Also under discussion was another version of this resolution, as revised by Tom Hench.  T. Hench’s version alters the second and last paragraphs to state that the Faculty would “only support legislation that would secure the right of academic staff and faculty to form joint collective bargaining units, if they so choose.”  B. Udermann will type up the revised version from T. Hench and bring it to Senate for consideration.


Resolution on Legislative Proposals Relating to

Collective Bargaining by University of Wisconsin System Faculty and Academic Staff


Whereas, historically all faculty and academic staff of the University of Wisconsin System have been treated as one group for purposes of salary increases and changes in fringe benefits, and


Whereas, legislation enabling collective bargaining for the UW System faculty and academic staff continues to be introduced that would create separate collective bargaining units for the faculty and academic staff on each campus, and


Whereas, separate collective bargaining units for the faculty and the academic staff will place faculty and academic staff in competition for salary and fringe benefits, and


Whereas, any legislative proposal that establishes separate faculty and academic staff collective bargaining units but provides a mechanism for combining these two units does not guarantee, and only provides false hope, that these units will combine,


Therefore be it resolved that the Faculty Senate at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse opposes any legislative proposals that would establish an academic staff collective bargaining unit separate from the faculty collective bargaining unit on the same campus.


15.  Granting Professor Status to Dean Benson

The Provost has requested feedback on the possibility of granting Professor status to Dean Benson as Dean of CLS.  SEC will consider this next week.


16. The meeting was adjourned at 5:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Crutchfield