Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes

 327 Graff Main Hall

September 16, 2008

Volume 43, Number 04


Present:  Joe Heim, Rebecca LeDocq, Susan Crutchfield, Brian Udermann;

Visitors: Kathleen Enz Finken, Bob Hoar, Bill Cerbin, Georges Cravins


1.  Faculty Representative Report

Georges described his position as one that should reflect broad faculty concerns.  He wants to work with the Chancellor and the Provost to represent UW-L in a united way.  He wants to help the faculty become more aware of System level activities.


2. Continuing Business: 


A.  A coordinated Center for Teaching and Learning

Enz Finken, Cerbin, and Hoar elaborated on the Provost Office’s proposal to coordinate UW-L’s current teaching support units.   It was generally agreed that bringing together the current support units would be beneficial.  There was some discussion about the proposed new FTE for current positions, and the proposed new positions under the current plan’s draft.  Particular attention was given to the Instructional Designer for online courses and the Assessment Coordinator positions.  Also, would the proposed center have any effect on curriculum, which would suggest the need for Faculty Senate oversight?  There were assurances that the center and its staff would serve only a support role.


It was decided that components of the plan should be considered for possible approval by various existing Faculty Senate and joint committees:  UCC, Bylaws, JPB, and perhaps others.


B.  JPC replacement

Chuck Lee cannot take Lalita Pandit’s resigned position.  This leaves no other alternates within CLS.   To maintain a balance of college representation on the committee, SEC will ask past member Carol Oyster to stay on for another year.

M/S/P to ask Carol Oyster to take the replacement position on JPC.


3.  The meeting adjourned at 5:25 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Crutchfield