President Reilly’s Response to SEC furlough letter 6-26-09



Dear UW-La Crosse Faculty Senate Colleagues,

Thanks for this input on the matter of furloughs.  As you can imagine, we are getting lots of advice on this topic, both from individual colleagues and governance groups.  As you would expect, there is lots of contradictory counsel on how we should handle the furloughs.

Please understand that there are legal, administrative, contractual, political, and timing considerations involved in deciding how to do this that we would ignore at our peril.   I of course wish that we did not have to do this at all, and that we were not hemmed in by these constraints in doing it.  But that's the hand we've been dealt, and we will have to play it, largely according to rules not our own.

The Chancellors (including Joe), senior System Administration colleagues, and I spent a fair bit talking about furlough implementation this morning, following each Chancellor's consultation with his or her governance groups earlier this week.  We will bring the fruits of that discussion to the teleconference with governance leaders from 2-4 p.m. this Monday.  I hope that some or all of you will participate in that teleconference.  We will have to have our furlough implementation plan approved by the Office of State Employment Relations (OSER) and ready to go by this Wednesday, July 1.

Now don't you wish you had my job on a sunny Friday afternoon in June?!  Have a good weekend.