June 26, 2009


Dear President Reilly,


On behalf of the leaders of the faculty senate at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, I am writing to express our thoughts and concerns on the UW-System furlough planning process. On Wednesday, we were informed about a draft of a UW-System furlough policy which includes specific requirements on when faculty are allowed to take furlough days.  While we strongly support the protection of the teaching mission of the institution, we also support shared governance. We believe that faculty and staff should be allowed to work with students to make a balanced decision on how best to implement furloughs on our campus.


It has been the history of the UW-System to allow each campus to have autonomy in many areas. We believe that the implementation of furlough days should be one of these areas. While we may ultimately choose to support some restriction of the use of instructional days for furloughs, there should be a level of local autonomy in determining what is best for our students, our faculty and our staff when it comes to the implementation of the furlough plan. This implementation should clearly reflect the reduction of work that accompanies the reduction in pay due to furlough.  As was recommended by our full Faculty Senate at its meeting on May 14, 2009, we strongly support flexibility and shared governance in this process. Therefore, we respectfully ask that you allow the faculty, in consultation with students and staff, to determine how their furlough days will be allocated.  




Members of the 08-09 and 09-10 UW-La Crosse Faculty Senate Executive Committees


            Rebecca L. LeDocq, 09-10 Chair, 08-09 Vice-Chair


            Adrienne Loh, 09-10 Vice-Chair


            Kerrie Hoar, 09-10 Secretary


            Joe Heim, 08-09 Chair


            Susan Crutchfield, 08-09 Secretary


            Brian Udermann, 08-09 At-Large