From: Morgan Betsy L
Sent: Wed 4/14/2010 9:53 PM
To: Ledocq Rebecca L; Faculty Senate
Cc: Bakkum Christine S; Boll Jacob R; Kahl Erik J; Kraemer Eric R; Morgan Betsy L; Nicklaus Harry E; Redman Renee S; Servais Amy B; Von Ruden Janis A; Ward Janice L
Subject: IMPT Calendar Committee Recommendation Change

The Ad-Hoc Calendar committee met today to discuss the results of the survey and we have “amended” our recommendations.  Please note the following “new” recommendations  as cut and paste from the minutes of today’s meeting and after the committee voted to reconsider the motion from the past meeting regarding the relative prioritizing of the three calendars recommended by the ad-hoc committee to Faculty Senate.


The committee moved to put forward Option C as the recommended 7-year calendar based on the results from the survey (7-0-1 – motion passed.)


The committee recommends a change to Option C in years where classes start prior to Labor Day – in order for there to be a “lab launch” day earlier in the semester – the Friday of the first week of classes will be a special day (Friday = Monday) changing the Wednesday of Thanksgiving week to a “Friday Classes” rather than the “Monday Classes” as shown (8-0-0; M/S/P). 


The charge to the committee requested a recommendation regarding commencement day for Spring semesters. The committee moved to request that commencement be on a Saturday if at all possible but for it to be permissible for commencement to be held on a Sunday if needed (8-0-0; M/S/P).


Given the campus enthusiasm for the idea of a fall break but also understanding the need for full weeks from many of the lab science courses, the committee recommends that Faculty Senate review the possibility of a 2-day fall in the seventh week IF the state legislature were to allow classes to start prior to September 1st (8-0-0; M/S/P).


The committee recommends that Faculty Senate review the possibility of a 2-day fall in the seventh week IF sufficient lab space were to become available in the future (7-1-0; M/S/P).


The committee recommends that a task force be created across the governance groups in the near future to investigate ways to reduce mid-semester stress for students, faculty and staff (8-0-0; M/S/P).


I hope that Senate joins me in appreciating the members of this excellent committee for their dedication to the university and for producing several high quality options that represented a wide spectrum of student, staff, and faculty wishes that were able to be vetted by the campus on a relatively short clock.  Intelligent discourse and productive disagreement were the norms for this committee – a rare and prized group dynamic that leads to high quality outcomes.