44th Faculty Senate
April 29, 2010 – 3:30p.m.
Robert C. Voight Faculty Senate Chambers – 325 Graff Main Hall
Vol. 45, No. 13 

I.    Roll Call.

Present:  J. Anderson, C. Angell, J. Baggett, S. Brokaw, D. Buffton, B. Butterfield, V. Crank, G. Cravins, T. Gendreau, J. Heim, K. Hoar, J. Holman, K. Hunt, D. Lake, R. LeDocq, A. Loh, C. Lee, R. Mikat, J. Miskowski, R. Smith, M. Tollefson, B. Van Voorhis and M. Wycoff-Horn

Excused:  S. Shillinger


II.    Minutes of April 15 approved.


III.    Reports.

a.    Faculty Senate Chair.

                                                   i.      The Assistant Chancellor for Advancement search and screen committee has met and will be making an announcement soon.

                                                 ii.      FS committee final reports are due by the end of May.  These reports are important in determining charges for next year’s committees.

                                                iii.      The Associate Dean/Director of the School of Arts & Communication position has been approved.  Faculty will have 5 seats on the search and screen committee.  The deadline for nominations is 4:00pm on May 10.  The estimated timeline of the committee is: The SSC will be convened in May and receive an AAO orientation, and their charge from the Dean.  For advertising to be in the August issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education the SSC may have to meet in early summer, with the screening of applicants occurring in October/November.  Interviews might occur in November if the timeline is aggressive, or in January/February if it is not.  The hiring decision could be expected in March/April for a start date of July 1, 2011. 

                                               iv.      Open forums for living and learning opportunities in the new residence hall will be held on Wednesday, May 5 at 12:00 noon in Port O Call and Thursday, May 6 at 12:00 noon in 339 CWC.  These open forums are geared towards discussing such opportunities as living and learning communities in the new residence hall (e.g., science wing, arts wing, etc.).

                                                v.      The local legislators open forum, which had been rescheduled from an earlier date, went well.  Representative Huebsch was the only legislator in attendance, but there was a good discussions and good questions.

b.    Faculty Rep.

                                                   i.      A one-page summary of the Health Reform Bill was handed out.  One important item to note is that the UWS health plan is not considered for taxation as a cadillac health plan under the new bill. 

                                                 ii.      The next Faculty Reps meeting is Friday, May 7.


IV.    Committee on Faculty Committees Report (Steve Brokaw).

   The report comes as a motion for approval from the Committee.  Motion approved.


V.    APR Report – Physical Education Teacher Education 3-year Review (Mary Tollefson and Kristin Mally).

a.      The last APR review recommended a 3-year review of this program.  The program has initiated or completed all of the recommendations in the report with the exception of student assessment.  The program has developed multiple assessment tools that will be implemented in the upcoming academic year.  The next full APR is scheduled for 2014 (four years from now).

Motion to accept the APR report for the Physical Education Teacher Education 3-year review.  Motion approved.


VI.    APR Report – Biochemistry 5-year UWS Review (James Longhurst and Aaron Monte).

a.    As a new major, this program is required to go through a 5 year joint UWS review; therefore, the report is a bit different and it is not a full APR report.

b.    This is an extremely successful new program and has shown excellent student assessment, graduation rate and employment after graduation rates.  As a response to the high demand for this program, faculty have volunteered to open extra sections – to their own time detriment.  As a result, the external reviewer noted that there is not enough supervision for student research and lab space has been labeled sub-par and deemed crucial.   In response and due to GQA funding, a new biochem faculty has been hired and faculty workload has been reduced.  Space and equipment issues remain.  Two lab mod proposals have been submitted.  ESP High Tech funds are a crucial part of this program.

Motion that Faculty Senate supports the continuation of this major and recommends that the University supports it financially, with or without ESP High Tech funds from the legislature.  Motion approved.


VII.    APR Report – Public Health Report for Health Education/Promotion (Georges Cravins & Dan Duquette).

a.      The school of health programs are not part of this review as they will be reviewed with the DPI review.  This report includes only the undergraduate and graduate programs in Public Health.

b.      The public health programs have very strong ties with the La Crosse community.  It is the only program in the country to have both undergraduate and graduate accreditation.  The MPH program is ranked in the country (out of 300 to 400 MS & PhD programs).

c.      Concerns/recommendations include the development of a clear mission and goals, student assessment, collection of undergraduate admissions data for use in recruitment and enrollment strategic planning, development of measurable program objectives, and stronger links between the undergraduate and graduate programs.  The self-study was written in 2007 and many of the concerns/recommendations have been fully addressed or are in the process of being addressed. 

d.      APR recommends a normal 7-year review for this program.  Since the self-study was completed in 2007, the next review would be scheduled for 2014.

Motion to accept the APR report for the Public Health Programs in Health Education Health Promotion.  Motion Approved.


VIII.    New Business.


IX.    Old Business.


X.    Adjournment at 4:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kerrie Hoar