Committee on Faculty Committees 2010


The Faculty Senate Committee on Faculty Committees has completed its assignment for the 2010-2011 academic year.  We had an exceptional pool of candidates for assignments to draw from this year.  There were 249 forms returned versus 226 in 2009, 209 in 2008, 216 in 2007 and 206 in 2006.  We feel the confluence of: 1) GQA hires; 2) Retirements leading to replacements; and 3) the availability of IAS for service positions has lead to the increase in requests.  We thank our colleagues for being so willing to serve.


Through full assignments and positions as alternates to committees we were able to accommodate the full list. It was most helpful that the vast majority of applicants requested more than one committee.  This gave us more than one opportunity to make an assignment. There are a few people that will be asked to serve on more than one committee.  In most cases these are carry—over positions and there were either specific requests to continue, or not enough new requests for the specific committee.  We appreciated the willingness of some who had been serving on committees to step aside for new colleagues.  That helped in the process.  We truly hope that everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.   


Jeff Baggett

Steve Brokaw, Chair

Virginia Crank

Tom Gendreau

Kerrie Hoar