44th Faculty Senate
September 17, 2009 – 3:30p.m.
Robert C. Voight Faculty Senate Chambers – 325 Graff Main Hall
Vol. 44, No. 2

I.      Roll Call.

Present:  J. Anderson, C. Angell, J. Baggett, S. Brokaw, D. Buffton, V. Crank, G. Cravins, T. Gendreau, J. Heim, K. Hoar, J. Holman, D. Hoskins, K. Hunt, D. Lake, R. LeDocq, A. Loh, C. Lee, R. Mikat, J. Miskowski, S. Shillinger, R. Smith, M. Tollefson, B. Van Voorhis and M. Wycoff-Horn


II.      Senate Seat Replacements.

a.       CLS Seat Vacancy (semester term):  Bradley Butterfield has a class conflict; Carol Angell will fill this vacancy for the Fall 2009 semester.  Replacement named via Faculty Senate succession rules.

b.      At- Large Seat Vacancy (2-year term):  Bruce Riley has resigned from Faculty Senate to take the position of Interim Dean of the College of Science and Health.  Chuck Lee will fill this vacancy for the remainder of the term.  Replacement named via Faculty Senate succession rules.

c.       SAH Seat Vacancy (1-year term):  Brian Udermann has resigned from Faculty Senate to take the position of Director of Online Education.  Since no replacement was available through Faculty Senate succession rules, a call for volunteers was placed.  Motion from SEC to replace Brian Udermann with Rick Mikat for the remainder of the term.  Motion approved.


III.      Minutes of May 7, 2009 (43rd and 44th FS) and May 14, 2009 (43rd FS) were approved.


IV.      Reports.

a.       Chair’s Report. 

The Chair welcomed all new senators and offered congratulations to all tenured and promoted/progressed faculty and instructional academic staff. 

The Chair took a moment to remember two former senators who passed away this past summer.  Doug Sweetland, who chaired the 22nd faculty senate, passed away in July and Paul Keaton, emeritus faculty member from Management, also passed away in July.  Paul served on the 14th faculty senate and was a long-term member of CGAAF and Hearing committee.


Summer Senate Office activities were reported. 

1.                The chair represented the faculty at UWS and UW-L meetings on furlough implementation and reported to Senate on how and why the four UW-L mandatory furlough dates were chosen. 

2.                SEC members from the 43rd and 44th Senates met to draft a response to President Riley’s letter about UWS furlough implementation.

3.                 The SEC worked on committee charge letters, filled vacant committee seats and began drafting faculty senate agendas for Fall. 

4.                The chair also attended campus meetings on UW-L H1N1 policy and precautions.

5.                A Faculty Senate and a Senate Committees newsfeed will be piloted this year in an effort to improve communication across campus.

6.                A joint Textbook Oversight Committee will continue to monitor Follett’s transition into overseeing Textbook Rental.

7.                Pay For Print went into effect on August 7.  This policy was implemented in hopes of increasing our campus’s environmental responsibility and reducing printing costs.  During the first week of classes, the number of print jobs decreased by 60% and the total pages printed decreased by 70%.

Senators were reminded that their role on Faculty Senate is to represent the interests of their constituency.  Senators should make an effort to communicate with their constituents on matters that come to the Faculty Senate floor.

b.      Chancellor’s Report.

The Chancellor’s welcoming remarks included an announcement that establishment of a classified staff advisory council is close to becoming a reality.  He also reiterated the importance of furloughs, pay to print and H1N1.  Finally, Growth Quality and Access has resulted in 47 new faculty and 10 new staff on campus this fall.


c.       Provost’s Report.  (via Bob Hoar, Faculty Assistant to the Provost)

                                                  i.      The Assessment Coordinator position is back and will be funded, in part, through GQA funds.  A search and screen committee will be formed soon.

                                                ii.      The search for a new grant writer will begin soon.  A portion of the funding for this position will come from the school district.

                                              iii.      UW-L Mission Statement Revision:  The first reading by the BOR went will and a 2nd reading (and approval) will come in October.  The mission statement will be presented at the Chancellor’s Community Council tomorrow.

                                              iv.      UW-L’s Inclusive Excellence program will be launched on September 29 in conjunction with a UWS visit.  Deb Hoskins is now serving as UW-L’s Inclusive Excellence Director.

                                                v.      School of Education Update:  The Director of the School of Education search and screen committee will be bringing candidates to campus soon.  Thank you to Dan Duquette (Interim Chair of DES) and Marcie Wycoff-Horn (SOE Assistant) for all of their work in SOE.  Work towards DPI compliance is going well.

                                              vi.      UW-L’s number of masters and international students is at a record high.  The movement toward a Master of Dosimetry is going well

                                            vii.      Thank you to Penny Tiedt and the staff in Continuing Education for their work on NCUR.  NCUR was the largest conference ever hosted at UW-L, but will be surpassed by the Young Problem Solvers.

                                          viii.      For those who work with SelectSurvey, UW-L will be moving to Qualtrics.


d.      Faculty Rep Report:

                                                  i.      The first Faculty Rep meeting will be next Friday in Madison.  The Faculty Reps are an advisory body to UWS administration.  Important topics of note are campus autonomy, collective bargaining and the upcoming governor’s race.

                                                ii.      During the Centennial Celebration, Carl Wimberly will speak on the roll of faculty governance – scheduled for Monday, October 19 in Port O’ Call at 4:00pm.


e.       Student Association Representative:  Eric Kahl, Student Association President, introduced Nick Herro, who will be attending Faculty Senate meetings.


V.      NCUR Evaluation (Gubbi Sudhakaran and Penny Tiedt);

a.       NCUR was the largest conference ever hosted at UW-L with over 2700 students in attendance, 283 schools represented and 2200 presentations.  Thank you to the 500+ volunteers who helped with the event and to all faculty and staff who helped with the scheduling of classrooms for oral presentations.

b.      The NCUR Board of Governors had very positive feedback.  One member who has attended all NCUR events ranked it in the top two.  Student feedback was also very positive.

c.       The conference had a $500,000 budget.  In the end, after paying for all UW-L facilities used during the conference, there was a surplus of funds.  These funds will be used to purchase a new portable sound system for the campus.

d.      Motion to support UW-L’s rebidding to host the next available NCUR event (2013 or 2014).  Motion approved.


VI.      International Education Committee Report (Sheryl Ross – 2008-9 chair):

In addition to the committee’s standing charges, the committee’s special charges were addressed in the following manner:

a.       We recommend that International Development Fund be increased to $100,000. The increase should/could be funded by International Education and the revenues from out-of-state tuition from International Students.” We believe that such an increase is in the best interest of the University because a) With the advent of Growth and Access, we will have more faculty members competing for the same funds, b) this fund is a good recruiting tool for new faculty members and keeps marketable faculty member currently on campus happy, c) there is greater demand for these funds, and there has been rising costs in international travel since the inception of this fund.

b.      We recommend that the maximum amount an individual may request from IDF be increased from  $3000 to $3, 350 in order to accommodate rising travel costs and to avoid faculty members having to pay excessive out of pocket expenses.

c.       We met with Bob Hetzel to discuss the future of International Housing. We are in the process of developing plans to deal with the closing of the Madison Street houses in 2-3 years, and understand that these houses will not close without a suitable alternative. The IEC recommends that the committee continue to be directly involved next year in the on-going planning for changes and recommendations for suitable alternatives in housing the Amity and Foreign Scholars because of the sensitive academic nature of these programs and the value of faculty advice on the matters.

d.      The chair met with Select Committee on Internationalization to discuss future of International Website. At a meeting we made recommendations about relevant topics to be addressed by site. As a committee we would encourage the continued interface between the two committees.


Motion to approve the International Education Committee Final Report.  Motion approved.


Motion to approve an increase in the maximum amount an individual may request from IDF from $3000 to $3350.  Motion approved.


A question was called regarding the source of funds necessary to increase the International Development Fund from $75,000 to $100,000.  FS will revisit this recommendation once more information has been collected on the availability of funds.


VII.      Senate Executive Committee Recommendations: 


Motion to designate January 15, 2010, and January 14, 2011,* as non-instructional days.

*NOTE:  The dates on the FS Agenda were incorrectly stated as January 15, 2009, and January 14, 2010.  The chair gave a brief explanation of why it was decided to designate these dates as part of the annual mandatory furlough days.  Discussion followed.  Motion approved (show of hands).


VIII.      Committee Nominations:


a.       Joint Promotion Committee:

Replacement for Bruce Riley (2-year term):  Gubbi Sudahakaran

3-year terms:         Jodi Vandenberg-Daves

                              Gary Walth

                              Gary Gilmore

                              Steve Senger


b.      Consultative Layoff:

Replacement for Paul Keaton (1-year term):  Andrew Stapleton

3-year Term:          Dianne Morrison

                              Bruce Osterby

                              Ron Glass


c.       Instructional Academic Staff Career Progression Committee:

New 3-Year Term             2-Year Continuing Term         1-Year Continuing Term

Betsy Knowles                  Kerrie Hoar, Convener            Melissa Wallace

Erin Hussey                       Suzanne Anglehart                  Elise Denlinger (IAS Com. Rep.*)

Thomas Reinert

*NOTE: This seat is elected by the Instructional Academic Staff Committee.


d.      Committee on Faculty Committees:

Steve Brokaw, Convener

Virginia Crank

Tom Gendreau

Deb Hoskins

Jeffery Baggett


e.       Senate Elections Committee:

Joe Anderson, Convener

Jennifer Miskowski

Sarah Shillinger


f.       Faculty Ombudspersons:

Mike Abler                        Alternates:       Joe Heim

Kim Vogt                                                  Ken Winter

Keith Sherony

Motion to approve committee nominations as a group.  Motion approved.


IX.      Old Business:


X.      New Business:

Faculty Senate has been asked to forward the names of three faculty members (one from each college) to serve on the Textbook Oversight Committee.  Initially, the terms will be one 1-year, one 2-year and one 3-year term.  Thereafter, all terms will be 3 years.  Each college will have one representative on the committee at all times.

Motion from SEC to forward the following faculty names to serve on the Textbook Oversight Committee:  

                                   1-year Term:  Michael Haupert (CBA)

                                    2-year Term:  Charles Lee (CLS)

                                    3-year Term:  Nick Downey (SAH                             Motion approved.


XI.      Adjournment at 4:52p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kerrie Hoar