9:00am – 327 Graff Main Hall

July 29, 2009


Members:  Joe Heim, Kerrie Hoar, Becky LeDocq, Adrienne Loh (via conference call) and Bart Van


Visitors:  Bob Hoar; Paula Knudson; Dr. Brian Allen


  1. July 15 Minutes amended and approved:  M/S/P


  1. Chair’s Report:
    1. Spring meeting dates were approved and will be posted on the Faculty Senate website.  The April 29th meeting will be the organizational meeting for 45th Faculty Senate.
    2. A meeting of committee conveners will be scheduled for September 1st at 9:00am.
    3. The first regular SEC meeting of the 2009-10 AY is scheduled for September 1st at 4:00pm in 327 GMH.


  1. Faculty Senate Seat Replacements:
    1. Two-Year At-Large Seat (replaces Bruce Riley):  Chuck Lee (CLS – History) will be asked to fill this seat.  Open seats are traditionally filled with those who ran for a Senate seat, but were not elected.  Chuck fits this category as he ran in the CLS category; therefore, is eligible to fill the At-Large seat.
    2. One-Year SAH Seat (replaces Brian Udermann):  Since the number of open seats was equal to the number of candidates at the last election, there are no ready replacements for this seat.  Becky will put out a call for volunteers from SAH and SEC will select a replacement senator at our next meeting.


  1. Assistant Dean of Students Search and Screen Committee Nominations:
    1. SEC will forward 3 faculty/IAS by July 30.


  1. Committee Charges: 
    1. Special charges were discussed. 
    2. Two additional thoughts with regards to committees:

                                          i.    With the increase in online offerings, do we need to think about an online advisory/curriculum committee?  Would the CATL advisory committee be a good place to start with this idea?

                                        ii.    Which committee should be charged with long-term monitoring of textbook rental?  This would be a good issue to discuss at the committee conveners meeting.


  1. Paula Knudson & Dr. Allen – Discussion of H1N1 & Implications for Fall: 
    1. The Obama administration has advised all health care facilities to plan for increased incidence and widespread outbreaks as the fall flu season approaches.
    2. The standard recommendation for H1N1 is self-isolation for 7 days when experiencing any flu-like symptoms.   It is not out of the realm of possibility for 30% of the student/faculty population to be infected simultaneously.  How would this affect UWL’s policies on class absence and notification, etc.  Paula is asking that faculty work with Student Life to come up with more flexible alternatives to requiring a doctor’s note to be excused from class, etc.
    3. Becky will send out a note from Faculty Senate to ask faculty to start thinking about possible ways to increase flexibility as they plan their course syllabi.  In addition, it would be a good idea for the Chancellor to bring this up at the All-University meeting, for Deans to bring it up at the College meetings and for Departments to have a discussion on this topic.  Another thought is to invite Paula and Dr. Allen to attend the Chair’s Workshop on August 26.


Meeting adjourned at 11:05am.


Respectfully submitted,

Kerrie Hoar, secretary