General Education Program

The mission of the General Education Program at UW-La Crosse is to develop life-long learners who will be engaged as knowledgeable and responsible citizens in a diverse and ever-changing world.

It is the University's vision that the core curriculum encourages students to

  • discover connections between disciplines
  • consider one's major in a broader context
  • cultivate knowledge, skills and habits of mind essential for independent learning and thinking.
Detailed information on the general education assessment process and student learning outcomes can be found on the General Education Assessment page. 

The detailed requirements for the program may be found in the current Undergraduate Catalog.

The program is overseen by the Faculty Senate General Education Committee with assessment performed by the General Education Assessment Committee. The approved student learning outcomes can be found on the committee page as well as a guide for proposing new general education courses. 

The General Education Committee does, under some circumstances, approve waivers for students to substitute a course for a required general education course including writing emphasis course substitutions. Students desiring to request a waiver should first contact their College Office.