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Library Committee Meeting Minutes of April 25, 2001


Members present: Gwen Achenreiner, Gerry Cox, Abdulaziz Elfessi, Don Kuderer, Elsie Patterson, Cris Prucha


Consultant: Anita Evans, Murphy Library Director


Guest: Michele Strange, Murphy Library Circulation Department Head


Members excused or absent: James Batesky, Susan Crutchfield, Jim Gray, Tim Halbach, Justin Jovle, Elizabeth Seebach, Richard Pinnell


The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Achenreiner.


Review/Approve minutes: M/S/P to approve the minutes of  the March 21 , 2001 meeting.


Director’s Report/Announcements from Anita Evans:

1.      Jim Batesky will be the recipient of the Murphy Award. A reception to honor him will be held Thursday, May 3 at 7 pm in the Collections area of the library.

2.      Anita provided a report to the Joint Budget Committee during a meeting at the Cleary Center.  

3.      An update was provided regarding the UW-L  participation in the Universal Borrowing Pilot. Michele Strange provided additional information. There are now three participants: UW-L, UW-Eau Claire and UW-Stout. The pilot is still in the testing phase. Michele provided a handout titled “Universal Borrowing – How to do UB Requests.”  The goal is for every UW System institution to participate. The UB is a way of getting around the interlibrary loan system and it also provides a faster turn around.


Old Business:

1.      Library Usage/Hours.  Continued discussion addressed the following issues:

a.       Issue #1: Hours during Finals Week. The committee discussed the library hours for the current final exam period and then looked at the library hours for the final exam period during the Fall, 1999 semester.  M/S/P that we recommend that the library not open any earlier than the current opening time during the final exam period--7:40 AM, Monday through Friday.

b.      Issue #2: Discussion of closing time for Monday-Thursday.  The current closing time is midnight. M/S/P to leave the closing time at midnight. 4 in favor    0 opposed     2 abstentions

Motion that the library further consider looking at the extended study room hours use counts, using a card swipe system.

c.       Issue #3: Friday closing time.  Move to recommend that the library close at the regular time on the Friday before finals begin, that the library close one hour after the last exam time when Friday is the last day of finals, and that the library close at midnight when Friday falls during the final exam period.   5 in favor    0 opposed     1 abstention

d.      Issue #4: Saturday hours.

1. Move that, on the Saturday before finals, the opening and closing hours remain the same.

5 in favor     0 opposed   1 abstention     

2. Move that, when Saturday falls during the final exam period, the library open at 7:40 AM and close at 10 PM  (regular time).   

6 in favor      0 opposed      0 abstentions

e.       Issue #5:  Extended Hours Study Room.   Move that the Extended Hours Study Room remain the same until further data warrants a later closing time.    6 in favor     0 opposed     0 abstentions


   2. Subcommittee Report Findings on the Spring 2000 “Survey of Library Resources (Collections & Access)”. Anita shared a handout titled “Observations: Survey of Library Resources (Collections & Access).”  The observations will be submitted as an appendix with the final committee report to the Faculty Senate. A motion was made that the findings be put on the Web page.   M/S/P.


New Business:

Meeting time for next year. The recommendation was made  that the Convenor coordinate a 4 pm Monday or Wednesday meeting time. The Convenor should make contact with the committee members.


Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:31 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Don Kuderer