Promotion, Tenure and Salary Committee
November 7, 2000
325 Graff Main Hall - 8:15 a.m.
Members Present: Michael Abler, Taggert Brooks, Wahhab Khandker, Donald Socha, Bart Van Voorhis, Helen Skala, William Zollweg, Bruce Osterby

1. The Minutes from October 24, 2000 were approved, M/S/P by voice vote.

2. The committee discussed the following questions:

1) Was the compression package instituted last year at all effective in addressing compression?

2) Should compression among ranks still be a budget priority?  That is, how big a problem is compression among the ranks?

3) Assuming compression is still a high priority, how should the problem be addressed?

4) Last year the faculty senate chose not to fully implement the salary increases proposed by the committee.  What should be done this year?

3. Adjourned 10:00 a.m.