Travel and International Education Committee
Minutes of the December 7, 2000 meeting

Present: G. Chu, W. Doering, G. Gilmore, E. Kraemer, J. Lokken, J. Majak, R. McKelvey, J. Shanks (chair), and J. Wagner.
Excused: T. Gushiken, R. McCannon, D. Stapleton

1. Minutes of the Nov. 30 meeting was approved after the change that Jodie Wagner became a regular member of TIEC and the word guest was cancelled from the minutes.
2. The committee continued discussions on the revision of By-laws and Guidelines for Foreign Study Tour Programs.
3. On the matter of the International Academic Staff Task Force and TIEC becoming a joint committee: Wagner reported (after discussing with David Bange) that a joint committee would come under the control of the Chancellor.   Gilmore sees some positive aspects of joining.
4. Shanks requested that committee members should e-mail her next semester's time schedule so that a convenient meeting time can be sought.
5. In the interest of time, Shanks organized the committee into three groups as follows:  Shanks, Kramer, and Lokken for discussions
on a joint committee;  Gilmore and Majak on the New Foreign Study Program Guideline; Doering, Wagner, McKelvey, and Chu on the need to define annual versus ongoing foreign study tour programs.
6. It was suggested that Shanks would e-mail David Bange and Doug Hastad for clarification of details if TIEC would become a joint committee.  Question on the number and balance of members was raised. Wagner sees the need for more academic staff in the membership of TIEC, the suggested change would result in a membership composed of two students, seven faculty
members, two academic staff plus the director of OIE and the director of International Curriculum Committee as non-voting members.  Shanks will finalize wording.
7. Lokken advocated the need for the committee to promote a greater level of faculty interaction with foreign students.  Majak suggested including this as a mission of the committee.
8. From the Documentation for New Foreign Study Tour Program, Gilmore suggested the following:
9. The need for a statement to let tour directors know that a post-trip assessment shall be required and submitted within 60 days of conclusion of tour; that the student evaluation shall be returned directly back to OIE bypassing the tour director (deleting item 7h from the revised).
10. Item 7f was to be re-phrased to read "To what degree were the curricula goals achieved."
11. Other pre-departure logistics matters to be added to Item 4a (e.g. clothing).
12. A complete list of participants with addresses, e-mail addresses, and emergency contact information shall be submitted to OIE one week prior to departure.
13. The discussion group on the matter of the possibility of combining the Annual Foreign Study Tour Program with Ongoing Foreign Study Tour Program unanimously suggested such combination.  Discussions on this will continue in the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Greg Chu