Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

Tuesday, February 27, 2001



Members Present:        Schoen, A. Nelson, Martinez, Odulana, Matchett, Ragan, Miller, Scheuermann, Loh,

Members Absent:        R. Krajewski, exc.,  Shillinger, Folie, Dunn

Consultants:                 Amelia Dittman, Mandi Anderson, Diane Schumacher

Guests:                           Michael Winfrey, Thomas Claflin, Delores Heiden, Jan VonRuden, Theda Holder, Sandy Keller, Judy Holloway


1.        Announcements

¾ Microbiology Proposal #48R for the new Global Bioterrorism course was withdrawn pending review by the college committee. The department will seek gen ed approval for the course once it has gone through UCC.

¾ The next UCC meeting is March 27, followed by meetings on April 10 and April 24.

¾ Bill Cress (CBA) will not serve on UCC this semester because of a schedule conflict. UCC has a new member, Paul Miller from the Chemistry department. Member Katie Weidinger (Student Association) is interning in Washington, D.C. this semester.


2.        M/S/P to approve the minutes of February 13, 2001.


3.     Second Reading, Proposal #49, Biology major, minor, concentration, core, replace BIO 101 with BIO 103 and 105; BIO 103 and 105, new courses; delete BIO 101.


As recommended at the first reading, the following sentence was added to the course descriptions of BIO 103 and 105: “Students cannot earn credit in both BIO 103 and BIO 105.”


Discussion continued regarding the parallel course content between BIO 103 and 105. The department confirmed that the courses will be using different texts, lectures will be different, but due to a shortage of lab space, students from both classes will share the labs. The goal of the department, as requested and funded by gen ed two years ago, was to develop courses to better deal with the general student population at the freshman level (BIO 103) and those freshmen who have an interest in science (BIO 105). These courses offer flexibility to students who may in time change their interest toward the sciences.  Students could be directed to either course using SNAP reports, or through advising. T. Claflin met with the Clinical Science department to address their concerns.


M/S/P to approve the proposal as recorded February 13.


Registrar Diane Schumacher will email departments to confirm how they want their catalog information to read in terms of listing BIO 103 or 105, instead of BIO 101 (deleted).


        Note:  BIO 101 deletion date will be determined by timing of Gen Ed Committee action on 103/105.


4.        Blanket Item #1, Microbiology electives –no action taken


5.        First Reading, Proposal #50, School of Education, Social Studies Minor – Elementary/Middle (1-9), change required courses, effective fall 2001.


Replace HST 338 with HIS 321; HST 241 with HIS 220, and HST 242 with HIS 325.


M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve the proposal.


6.        Old Business ¾ UCC functional changes will be discussed at the end of the semester as time permits.


7.        New Business ¾ Ray Schoen distributed a memo from Faculty Senate, charging UCC with “creating a process or policy that would help ensure the academic quality of courses offered in 3-or 4-week sessions.” The committee was asked to comment between now and the next UCC meeting using a blackboard site, which will be set up by Chair Schoen.


The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m. The next UCC meeting is March 27, 2001.



Diane L. Schumacher, UCC Secretary