Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

Tuesday, April 24, 2001


Members Present:                Schoen, Loh, Shillinger, Matchett, Miller, Ragan, Scheuermann

Members Absent:                                Nelson-exc., Martinez, Krajewski, Folie, Dunn

Consultants:                         Dittman, Burkhardt, Anderson, Schumacher

Guests:                                   Zellmer, Rusterholz, Keller



1.        Announcements:         None


2.        M/S/P to approve the minutes of April 10, 2001


3.        Second Readings: None


4.        First Reading, Proposal #56, FLG 398, World Languages: Advanced ______,

1-4 cr., New course, effective fall, 2001

“Advanced study of less commonly taught world languages. Instruction may be offered on an individualized basis or thorough distance education when a course is available on another campus. Prerequisite: FLG 202 in the appropriate language. “


M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve the proposal.


5.        First Reading, Proposal #57, Summary list of various changes

Physician Assistant Studies, change rotations to variable credits

       PAS 461, 2-4cr (was 4); 462, 2-6cr (was 6); 463, 2-6cr (was 6); 464, 2-6cr(was 6);

       465, 2-4cr (was 4); 466, 2-6cr (was 6); 467, 2-4cr (was 4); 475, 2-12cr  (was 12)

Clinical semester runs June –October. Variable credits allow appropriate summer  and fall registration when rotations cross terms. Total required credits in each rotation do not change.


 M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve this part of the proposal.


       Gerontology Emphasis—Delete SWK 390 from core

                Course no longer offered since elimination of SWK department and faculty

       Delete SWK 330; 350; 390

       SPA 425 Hispanic Literature in the US,  offered every 2 years.

       SOC 399 Forum   Dept option for Pass Fail Grading 

Course is cross-listed with ANT/ARC. Other 2 are P/F; all should be the same

       GEO/ESC 445/545, delete description phrase, “using ER Mapper software”


       New Titles for Education programs

       Early Childhood through Middle Childhood

(formerly elementary education, grades 1-6, with an early childhood minor)

        Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence

(formerly elementary/middle level, grades 1-9)

        Early Adolescence through Adolescence

(formerly middle level/secondary, grades 6-12)

         Early Childhood through Adolescence

(formerly K-12 programs in art, instructional media, TESOL, music, physical education, and school health education)


These changes comply with DPI requirements. They affect students completing a program after August 31, 2004.


M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve this part of the proposal.


6.        Old Business: Committee discussed draft report on offering courses in a condensed format.


Proposed policy: “Departments (to include programs and colleges) that offer undergraduate courses in both the standard 14-week and 3- or 4-week abbreviated sessions shall provide UCC assessment results which indicate that the learning outcomes from the different formats are, in fact, substantially equivalent.”


Discussed what “approval” means and what needs to be submitted. What role does UCC play vs. depts? Some members asked why UCC would judge outcomes of short courses when it doesn’t do it for 14-week courses.  Some believed it is not UCC’s job to get into assessment, but instructional pattern is UCC business. Perhaps another space on the LX for 3 / 4- week format is adequate to ensure discussion during approval process. Some suggested UCC should recommend to depts that they do the assessment on their own or perhaps include it in the 7-year academic program review. 


The committee agreed that it was not ready to recommend a policy to the Senate. Chair Schoen will draft a progress report to submit to the Senate, and request that it allow the UCC to continue this work next year.


7.        New business: None


8.        Dean Approved Student Petitions:

SAH:      H-S 212 Consumer Health Issues, at Mankato State University for SAH 105

CBA:      ARC 305 for International/Multicultural Studies course

                PHY 104 for PHY 103


9.        Meeting adjourned: Time 5:00 p.m. This is the last meeting of the 2000-2001 year.


Submitted by


Diane L. Schumacher

UCC Secretary