Undergraduate Research Committee
November 28, 2000

The final meeting of the Fall Semester 2000 for the Undergraduate Research Committee began at 4:15 p.m. Tuesday, November 28.

Present: Lloyd Bogart, Bonnie Bratina, Carl Foster, Anne Galbraith, Bill Gresens, Aaron Monte, Rick Rodrick, Colleen Miron, and Chia-Chen Yu.

Rick announced that he and several students will be attending the Student Senate meeting tomorrow to discuss with them the positive influence of undergraduate research at UWL. A lengthy discussion then ensued about the fact that faculty/academic staff governance feels that students need to start showing support of this program as well.

The committee then discussed the issue of last year's grantee changing projects. The grantee provided the committee with a brief proposal, budget, and mentor letter of support that was read prior to the meeting. After a long discussion, the committee voted to accept the new proposal.

Rick will be presenting another roundtable informational session in early spring regarding UG research grants and will let the committee know the date and time next semester.

Bonnie brought her draft of the checklist for the web page. She will make the suggested changes and e-mail the document to Anne to be put on the web page.

Aaron brought his draft of the brochure. The committee should critique the brochure and bring comments to the first meeting next spring. Specifically, the committee should think about ways to make the front of the brochure inviting so that students will want to open it to learn more.

Finally, all committee members are to e-mail their spring schedules to Rick ASAP so that he can finalize a meeting time for spring.

Meeting ended at 5:15 p.m.
Submitted Tuesday, November 28, 2000 by Anne M. Galbraith.