The fourth meeting of the Spring Semester 2001 for the Undergraduate Research Committee began at 5:30pm Monday, March 19.


Present: Lloyd Bogart, Bonnie Bratine, Carl Foster, Anne Galbraith, Bill Gresens, Aaron Monte, and Rick Rodrick, Chia-Chen Yu, and Melissa from the Involvement Center.


The applications are in for the Celebration on April 6. There are about 70 posters, 33 talks, and 3 other, compared to 72 posters and 18 talks last year. Melissa and the Involvement Center will help with publicity for the day such as a Pepsi banner, chalking the sidewalks, signs, table tents, an ad in the Racquet, etc. They will also be on hand during the day to help with setting up posters, etc. Anne will get a list of student e-mails and send out a reminder during the week of the Celebration as she did last year.


Bill reported on the success of the NCUR trip to Kentucky. There were about 2500 students and about 150 of those were from UW-System. The UWL students did "splendidly". Next year, NCUR will be at Whitewater so perhaps more of our students will attend.


Grant applications are due Wednesday. There are three in already. The committee decided on the following schedule for the remainder of the semester:

·         March 27th (Tuesday): Each reviewer should pick up a packet of grants in 145 Main.

·         April 2nd (Monday): The committee and the student representatives chosen by Rick will discuss the criteria for reviewing the grants.

·         April 9th (Monday): A special meeting will be held starting at 530 to discuss each proposal. FYI: Last year this meeting took 3-1/2 hours and there were about 40 proposals.

·         April 11th (Wednesday): The reviewers will turn in their final scores to Bill.

·         April 16th (Monday): Funding and final budget decisions will be made.

·         April 30th (Monday): Final scheduled meeting of the semester will be held.


Meeting ended at 6:30 pm.

Submitted Tuesday, March 20, 2001 by Anne M. Galbraith.