University of Wisconsin – La Crosse
Articles and By-Laws Committee Minutes
Meeting Minutes - October 18, 2001

Convened:  8:30 a.m., Room #111, Carl Wimberly Hall
Present:  Cindy Berlin, Mark Gibson, Tom Hench, David Koster, Keith Sherony

1. M/S/P Minutes from the October 4 meeting were unanimously approved.

2. It was agreed that future minutes will be forwarded directly to Sibbie Weathers at the same time they are prepared. If changes are
subsequently, they will be amended and resubmitted accordingly.

3. The committee discussed the draft of the proposed International Education Committee  by laws prepared by David Koster, consistent
with those prepared and submitted by the International Education Committee.

The only item missing from David Koster's version of the by laws relative to those of the International Education Committee was #8 in
the April 5, 2001 version: "Facilitate communication among departments, colleges, and university special-interest programs that
offer internationally-oriented programs for the purpose of coordinating programmatic activity." David Koster agreed to review
this item with the International Education Committee and determine whether it was actually needed.

There was also discussion concerning the appropriate phrasing of the Internatinal Education Committee membership. It was decided that
David Koster would discuss and resolve this with the International Education committee.

4. The committee then discussed the charge from the Faculty Senate Executive committee concerning faculty evaluation of administrators.
Hench explained that the Faculty Senate Executive committee wanted the Articles and By Laws Committee to review the feasibility and
advisability of implementing such a process. No conclusions were reached. Further discussions will follow.

Adjourned:  9:27 a.m.

Respectfully submitted: Tom Hench