Academic Policies & Standards (CAPS)
November 9, 2001, 3:35-5:04, Room 327 Main Hall
Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Adan Burgos, Ron Glass, Bob Hoar, Jessica Karis, Bridget McCoy, Bruce Riley, Joyce Shanks

Consultants present: Chris Bakkum, Carla Burkhardt, Amelia Dittman, Kathy Elgin, Theda Holder,

Guests:  Pam Rodgers, Barb Rusterholz, Jan VonRuden,

Excused:  Scott Cooper, Jerry Davis, Lise Graham, Sarah Shillinger

1. Jan VonRuden discussed withdrawal policies and procedures for emergency withdrawal based on military call-up.

M-S-P for CAPS to accept the use of the ‘EP’ and ‘EF’ grades for military call-up as outlined in the “Withdrawal Policies and Procedures for Students Called to Active Military Duty”.

2. M-S-P Minutes of 10/26/01.

3. Pam Rodgers presented information on POL 410 The Wisconsin Idea of Community Service.  She requested a waiver of the “n credit rule” for J Term.

M-S-P to allow POL 410 to violate the “n credit rule” for J Terms and M Terms.

4. Theda Holder presented a student appeal to repeat a course at UW-Eau Claire for which the student earned an ‘F’ grade when taken at UW-L and to take the last eleven credits before graduation at UW-EC instead of UW-L.

M-S-P to accept student’s appeal to take the final four courses needed for graduation at UW-L at UW-EC by completion of the Spring 2002 semester.

5. Barb Rusterholz proposed a change in the Retroactive Credit Policy so students may earn retroactive credit for Youth Options the way they do for Advanced Placement exams.

M-S-P to accept the Department of Foreign Language proposal for change in the retroactive credit policy.  The current policy is found on page 163 of the 1999-2001 undergraduate catalog.  The following statement would be inserted between the first and second paragraphs.  “However, if a student received college credit for a course taken while still in high school (through Advanced Placement, Youth Options, or other cooperative agreements between secondary schools and colleges/universities), received a grade of ‘B’ or better (if a grade was given), and did not receive retroactive credits at that time, retroactive credits may be awarded upon completion of the next level course at UW-La Crosse with a grade of ‘B’ or better.”

6. Committee members discussed options of how to cut enrollment by fifty students to fulfill expectations of Enrollment Management 21.  Bob Hoar will try to provide additional information on transfer students and undergraduate re-entries to help committee members consider options.