Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

Tuesday, April 2, 2002


Members Present:            Uphoff, Krueger, Krajewski, Kelley, Simpson, Matchett, McCannon, Periyasamy

Members absent:             Kuffel, Frye, P. Wilder, Skalecki

Consultants:                   Duquette, Schumacher

Guests:                          D. Wilder, B. Morgan, R. Dickson


1.     Announcements?one

2.     M/S/P to approve the minutes of March 5, 2002

3.     Second Readings?one

4.     First Reading, Proposal #11, GEO/ESC 451/551 Multimedia Cartography and Internet Geographic Information Systems, 3 cr. Change title, description, effective Fall 2002

?pplication of latest digital methods of multimedia thematic cartography and Internet-based geographic information systems (GIS); emphasis on the production of web-based interactive maps, mapping on the Internet, spatial data acquisition and integrity issues, delivery of GIS databases through the Internet, metadata issues, and thematic mapping through the querying of spatial information. Prerequisite: GEO/ESC 250 and MTH 205 or 250. Lect. 2, Lab 2 Offered Sem. I.?/p>


      M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve proposal.


       Proposal #12, School Psychology, effective Fall 2002

         SPY 800, Thesis Proposal Seminar, 1 credit, new course

?his thesis proposal course is required of all school psychology graduate students beginning the spring of the student? first year of graduate school. This course will continue over three semesters with students enrolling for the course for one credit for each of those semesters. Students must have their thesis proposal completed for this course and approved by the School Psychology Program before beginning their internship. Repeatable for credit. Max 3; Pass/fail grading. ?/p>


Committee asked numerous questions for clarification about how this course would actually be implemented and how grades would be determined. It is possible, but not likely that a student would get the proposal completed in one semester, and not have to enroll in subsequent semesters. The dept. is going to rewrite the description.


School Psychology Program revision

Add a requirement that the thesis proposal must be completed and approved by the School Psychology Program before beginning their internship.


The dept. will rewrite the revision and put it in the appropriate place within the program description and requirements.


PSY 776, Psychological Consultation in the Schools, revise prerequisite. Add ?dmission to school psychology program or special education program.?o:p>

SPY 752, Assessment and Remediation: Learning and Behavior Problems, change title and prefix (from PSY to SPY)

SPY 775, Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention, change prefix from PSY to SPY

PSY 753, SPY 761, delete


This was a first reading. There will be a second reading.


5.     Old business?one

6.     New business?one

7.     Meeting adjourned. Time 4:40. Next meeting is Tues., April 16, 2002 at 3:30 p.m. in rm. 325 Graff Main Hall.



Diane Schumacher

Recording Secretary