General Education Committee Minutes
February 18, 2002
325 Graff Main Hall

Meeting was called to order at 3:35 P.M.

Members Present:  Emily Johnson, Mary Leonard, Sandy Grunwald, Gretchen Reabe, Brenda Soto – Torres, Jess Hollenback, Tom Pribek,  Jean Hindson

Consultants Present: Amelia Dittman, John Magerus, and Diane Schumacher

The minutes of February 11, 2002 were approved.

Chair Emily Johnson announced that the entire meeting be devoted to goals and outcomes for Gen Ed.

General order of discussion:

1.       Letter of concern from Billy Clow

2.       Notes from Sandy Grunwald

3.       Questions and concerns discussed:

-     Should we re-structure the goals?

-          The first draft of goals is too specific

-          How can we be more inclusive of all areas?

-          What is wrong with General Education?

-          Need to emphasize the Gen Ed components as a program and not a cafeteria approach to learning.

-          How do we assess student learning outcomes?

-          Need to re draft the goals for brevity purposes

4.       M/S/P by Tom Pribek, second by Jean Hindson. Procedural motion: 

-          Use the following Organizational scheme to incorporate what we already have.

-          Revise this text for simplicity

-          Submit a fairly brief document to the Faculty Senate and have a larger explanation of the report for the General Education Committee files.

Example of Organizational scheme:

A.     Discovery and Experience – for #4

B.     Critique and Analysis – for #2,3,6

C.     Communication and Presentation – for #1

D.     Integration or Re-Evaluation – for # 5,7

5.       Emily suggested that Jess Hollenbeck’s document serve as the preface for the goal revision document

6.       Assignment for next meeting:

-          Develop our own draft of Tom’s scheme.  Re-word using the four main points. Use specific terminology.  Be able to state what each point (outcome) means.


Next Meeting: March 4, 2002

The meeting was adjourned at 5:27 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,
Mary Leonard (Anderson)