Minutes-Friday, October 12, 2001
325 Graff Main Hall

Members Present: D. Duquette, Chair, C. Graham, K. Harbst, T. Kernozek, L. Oganowski
Members Excused:  G. Arimond, G. Gilmore, T. Krueger, G. Walsko, T. Uphoff
Consultants Present: Travis Dodge (Student Representative), J. Finch, K. McLean
Consultants Excused:  Mandi Anderson, D. Schumacher, Charles Stanley-Martin
Others Present: Ron Rochon (Associate Dean, School of Education)

Dan Duquette, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

1. Graduate catalogs 2000-2002 were distributed.  Members were asked for input relative to pp. 5-31 concerning comprehensibility and content.  Any changes should be given to Dan Duquette as soon as possible and will be incorporated into the new graduate catalog that will be assembled this year.

2. Graduate student grade appeal for Student A (Recreation Management Program).

The appeal was opened for discussion.  Steve Simpson and Keith Wadell presented the faculty’s case relative to Student A's internship “C” grade.  Student A presented his/her case disputing the grade as non-reflective of his/her work.

M/S/P to deny the appeal that Student A's grade be changed.  (5-0)

3. Meeting Adjourned:  11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kimberly B. Harbst, PT, PhD
Graduate Council Member

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