June 6, 2002


Joe Heim, Faculty Senate Chair


Chia-Chen Yu, University Library Committee Chair


Summary of Library Committee Activities for the Year 2001-2002



Committee Members:

Yu, Chia-Chen

Exercise and Sport Science


Achenreiner, Gwen R



Batesky, James A

Exercise and Sport Science


Crutchfield, Susan



Elfessi, Abdulaziz M



Gerber, Daniel T



Gray, James A



Keaton, Paul N



Jason Letizia

Student Representative


Miller, Lori

Student Representative


Patterson, Elsie M

Communication Studies


Prucha, Cristine L

Library Department


Seebach, Elizabeth E



Yazici, Hulya






Evans, Anita K




This memo is intended to serve as a summary of the Library Committee’s activities during the 2001-2002 academic year.  The minutes from the meetings are shown in Appendix A.  The primary topics of study and accomplishments include:


  • Recommendations regarding UW Libraries Strategic Directions
  • Suggestion to incorporate information literacy into general education curriculum
  • Recommendations regarding the food and drink issue:  library café concept
  • Change of circulation and renewal policies
  • Collection development and periodicals cancellations
  • Recommendation for size of committee members
  • Suggestion of library hours
  • Library budget reductions
  • Library space planning



These activities will be described in more detail in the discussion that follows.  Numerous appendices are included which provide further detail and evidence of the work completed during the year.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 785-6549 or


Recommendations for UW Libraries Strategic Directions

The committee discussed the University of Wisconsin Libraries Strategic Directions for 2001-2003.  The discussion included the UW-Digital Collection for access and copyright issues.  The committee further discussed the types of projects that would be most helpful to supplement the teaching process at UW-L. 


Suggestion to incorporate information literacy into general education curriculum

The majority of the committee’s time focused on the discussion about incorporating information literacy into general education curriculum.  The committee first discussed how the information literacy goals could be disseminated.  The committee further talked about the Information Literacy competencies outlined in the “Information Literacy Competencies and Criteria for Academic Libraries in Wisconsin.”  It was decided that the library staff would speak with department liaisons and the Chair of the committee should speak with Emily Johnson, Director of General Education, regarding how to better incorporate these goals into the general education program.


At the October 4th, 2001, Chia-Chen Yu, Cris Prucha, and Anita Evans met with Emily Johnson about integrating information literacy into general education curriculum.  Johnson indicated that the General Education committee is looking at models from other universities and has begun to rewrite goals for the General Education program. Johnson intends to put information literacy goals into the first draft of the revised program statement.


Chia-Chen Yu, Cris Prucha, and Anita Evans met with Emily Johnson and the General Education Committee on February 11, 2002 regarding integrating information literacy into General Education courses.  The General Education Committee addressed the following concerns: (a) More systematic methods to integrate information literacy into General Education courses (b) Methods to assess student outcomes and (c) Design and content of library instruction.  These need to be discussed in the future meetings.


The committee further discussed whether and how the library might present its Information Literacy efforts to faculty audiences as part of the Teaching Conference that takes place in January, during the week before classes begin.  The Library Committee needs to contact Bill Cerbin in Sept./Oct. to discuss the panel idea more specifically. The panel presentation might include faculty members who have incorporated “information literacy” comprehensively into their courses.



Recommendations for food and drink issue: library café concept

The Faculty Senate asked this committee to review the library food and drink policy usage.  A request was made that a subcommittee be formed.  The subcommittee would report back to the University Library Committee.  Chia-Chen Yu, Susan Crutchfield, and James Gray served on this subcommittee.  The Food and Drink Committee met on December 13.  The committee reported that several issues need to be discussed before taking a final decision, such as music, location, creating the right atmosphere, and type of food and drinks.


The committee discussed the possibility of establishing a coffee shop in the library. Members felt that the coffee shop would facilitate student learning in providing a meeting place for students and faculty.  The library is in a good campus location.  Perhaps the extended hours room could be used.


Librarian Stefan Smith presented several times in the meetings the library café concept.  He also illustrated the space planning with floor chart and diagram (see Appendix B).  Smith further reported the results of survey which indicated that library cafes were successful and profitable.


The committee discussed some successful examples: the culture atmosphere is one of the major critical factors to be successful.  Issues related to hours of operation, management method, space planning, potential problems, cost, charge were also discussed.


Librarian Stefan Smith worked with a group of Julie Yazici's students to design a survey related to the library café.  The survey findings indicated that 58.8% of students are in favor of putting a café in the library.  58.8% of the surveyed respondents would like sandwiches to be available at the library café.  The survey and findings are shown in Appendix C.


The Committee endorsed the idea of a library café.


Change of circulation and renewal policies

The committee discussed circulation policies for faculty. The particular impetus for the discussion was a letter from Jana Evans-Braziel, of the English department. Librarian Michele Strange reported that in response to Evans-Braziel and the Committee, overdue items can now be renewed online after the due date. If faculty would find that after 8 months, materials are still needed, the library can and does override the system to check out materials for another 4 months.  The only limit now is when the book is over 60 days past due the library would ask that materials be returned for materials to be renewed as this is when books are declared lost.  With the reminder notices and the online information available this should provide adequate notification and a window of time (60 days) to take care of renewal requests made after the due date.


Moreover, Strange reported, library staff is considering revamping online renewal forms (those accessible via the library’s web page) so that faculty can renew all checked-out items with one on-line form (“universal renewal”), rather than having to fill out a separate online form for each item.


Finally, the committee discussed the possibility of extending the check-out period for videos from three days to seven days (with one renewal). Library staff will study this possibility.


Collection development and periodicals cancellations

The collection development issues such as resources, budget (and the formula for departments), and future goals were discussed with John Jax, the Collection and Resource Development Librarian, who was hired in January.  These matters will be addressed in more detail next academic year.  Committee members discussed their experiences with liaisons and what role they have played as liaisons.


The Committee also reviewed the proposed process for canceling periodicals as a result of flat library acquisitions budgets.  The Committee provided suggestions for a draft of a letter which would be sent to library liaisons.


Size of library committee members

The committee discussed the Faculty Senate Library Committee membership size.  There are 12 members from departments across campus and 3 students.  The committee suggested keeping the size of the Faculty Senate Library Committee as is.  The committee recommends the language of the Faculty Senate Library Committee bylaws be revised to include 2 faculty members from each college.


Library hours

Library hours were changed for this Fall Semester and the new hour schedule seems to be working well; due to the success of the Fall library hours, library hours will remain the same for the Spring Semester.


There was some discussion of getting "counts" of people in the library during "off" hour times.  The report for counts from UWL Protective Services indicated that on 11/14/01-- 3 people; 11/19/01--1 person, 11/28/01--1 person were in the extend hour study room (a spot check was conducted between midnight and 1:30 am.)  Counts reported were low.  Student representatives felt that students do not use the extended hours room because they are not aware of it and recommended that the library should publicize services with sidewalk chalkings at the beginning of the semester and that this room could be mentioned more during library orientations and tours. 


Library budget reductions

In the still-early stages of budget planning, the library was working to identify how to meet its earmarked $14,000 base budget cut. An exact amount for the budget cut will be set by the Chancellor toward the end of the semester. Discussion has focused so far on slowing down the replacement cycle for library computers. Currently, the library has 136 computers, and they are replaced in a cycle of three to five years. If this replacement cycle slowdown is implemented, that total number of library computers may decrease somewhat.


Library space planning

In addition to the library café, the Committee reviewed other space considerations including moving some bound periodicals to the basement.  The Faculty response was that if periodicals were to be moved to the basement, the division must be easily understood, e.g. all bound periodicals in the basement or all bound periodicals before a certain year.


Some other issues were discussed such as more group study rooms and multimedia collection– video collection.  The Committee recommended moving the video collection to a more visible location.



Other Activities

The Committee reviewed the Security Audit report prepared by Protective Services.  A student member reported on their experience in being trained and re-certified at intervals in non-violent security techniques.  He suggested the library student staff would benefit from this training.