Faculty Senate Library Committee
October 17, 2001, 4 p.m.

Present:  Jim Batesky, Elsie Patterson, Beth Seebach, Susan Crutchfield, Abdulaziz Elfessi, Tim Gerber, Anita Evans (consultant), Hulya Yazici, Cris Prucha, Gwen Achenreiner, Chia-Chen Yu

Excused:  Paul Keaton, James Gray

1. Minutes approved for 4-25-01.     M-S-P   7-0

2. Minutes approved for 9-19-01, with two corrections:

Michele Strange – not present
Don Kuderer – not present
Neither is on committee.
M-S-P   7-0
3. Old Business

A. Meetings will continue at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday because of various conflicts.  Committee members’ schedules were reviewed by Dr. Yu.

B. A request was made to the Student Association for a student representative.

C. Chair Yu, Cris Prucha, and Anita Evans met with Emily Johnson, Director of General Education.  The Information Literacy competencies outlined in the “Information Literacy Competencies and Criteria for Academic Libraries in Wisconsin” were discussed.  Emily will distribute the pamphlet to the Gen. Ed. Committee.  A goal will be for Library Committee members to meet with the Gen. Ed. Committee.

Director’s Report from Anita Evans:

A. The reception for Michael Blaser will be held on Thursday, October 18, 2001 in the Cleary Center.  Prints will be sold.  The event benefits the Murphy Library Endowment Fund.

B. The Faculty Senate has asked this committee to review the library food and drink policy usage.  A request was made that a subcommittee be formed.  The subcommittee would report back to the University Library Committee.  A request for volunteers was made.  Dr. Yu and Susan Crutchfield tentatively agreed to serve on this subcommittee.  Once the subcommittee time is established, Dr. Yu will ask Paul Keaton if he would like to be involved.

C. The University of Wisconsin Libraries Strategic Directions for 2001-2003 document was discussed.  The UW-Digital Collection was discussed including access and copyright issues.  The Digital Collection is also listed as a goal of the Strategic Directions.  Faculty input is most welcome regarding the types of projects that would be most helpful to supplement the teaching process at UW-L.  The committee will continue to discuss other strategic directions in the document at the next meeting.

Next Meeting:  4:00 p.m., Wed., Nov. 7, 2001.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Batesky
Exercise/Sport Science Dept.