Faculty Senate Library Committee
7 Nov 2001 Meeting Minutes

 In attendance: Gwen Achenreiner, Jim Batesky, Abdulaziz Elfessi, Anita Evans, Tim Gerber, Elsie Patterson, Chris Prucha, Beth Seebach, Chia-Chen Yu

·         Motion/Seconded/Pass - Approval of minutes from last meeting

·         Discussion of Faculty Senate Library Committee membership size;  there are 12 members from depts. across campus and 3 students;  do we need more or fewer committee members?;  discussion of keeping committee same size

·         Motion/Seconded/Pass - Continue to keep the size of the Faculty Senate Library Committee as is.

·         Motion/Seconded/Pass - The committee recommends the language of the Faculty Senate Library Committee bylaws be revised to include 2 faculty members from each college.

·         Discussion of Strategic Directions Document:  A. Evans asked for  comments or suggestions concerning resource sharing of electronic documents for delivery to the desk-top

-          discussion of where fees are coming from to make this system work;  interest in having fees paid for through UW system so that there are no individual charges for each document used

-          could a FAQ sheet be developed to answer questions

-          off-campus students also need access to the system;  how can off-campus students access documents?

·         Blaser (artist) event at Cleary Center was successful;  brochures will be out soon

·         Book sale today and tomorrow

·         Library hours were changed for this Fall Semester and the new hour schedule seems to be working well;  due to the success of the Fall library hours, library hours will remain the same for the Spring Semester

·         Some discussion of getting "counts" of people in library during "off" hour times;  suggested that Campus Security could make the counts during late night hours

·         Want to look at security report during the Dec meeting if material is not confidential

·         Approval has been given to interview for the library collection development position;  3 candidates are being considered

·         A "food and drink" group has been meeting to look at the feasibility of having food and beverages at the library or an area close to the library

·         How will the library be involved in the university-wide strategic plan???

Respectfully submitted,
Tim Gerber
8 November, 2001